Saturday, 15 August 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Masters of Lygrenn by Arjun Pawar


"In an era dominated by the saints rises a Kingdom where sins are committed regularly. A Kingdom ruled by a noble King but misled by his cruel Masters. Hamish, the cruellest Master with a dream of conquering the world, faces a challenge from an ordinary boy, who in search of his answers finds the reason for his existence. Fire God, the most powerful and loyal Master of the King, is stuck in a dilemma of whether to support the good or the bad. 

A story of brutal vengeance where there is no space for the good. Will the good rise to power?" 

BOOK REVIEW :- Huge thanks to the author for contacting me and giving me an opportunity to read his work. As shown in the cover, the story is about war and history.
The story starts with the Droka Dynasty.1500 BC. Himalaya.A kingdom is ruled by a noble king, King Marshell and has given powers to Masters to rule .Master Hamish wanted to create fear in people  and let them  know the powers of their king,so that they would obey him.

 I LIKE THE CHARACTER OF ARJUNA AND THE WITCH OF OSHAH .They are my favourite characters in the whole book.The witches are different from normal human beings, they have unusual powers that is Magic. Some say they serve the devil. 

Gods have chosen Arjuna.His life has got a new meaning. He need to choose it wisely.The door to Wisdom and Glory are never closed. One should earn it through hard work and dedication.Arjuna would fought fearlessly against the most powerful persons in the kingdom.

 The book is  very Interesting  and I finished reading the book on the same day itself. The narration was wonderful and the whole concept was brilliant. The characterization was perfect. The climax was the highlight of the story .

As a debut novel, the author has done a good job. I really like this book  and would recommend this book to  all, so give it a try and  read it once. I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A MUST READ.

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