BOOK REVIEW: Know Your Heart by Dinesh C. Sharma


The doctor's advice is simple: eat healthy food, cut down on tobacco and alcohol, stay physically active and lose a few kilos, especially around the waist. The responsibility to heed the doctor's advice rests with the individual. But is it actually true? Is it just the individual who is to be blamed here?

Know Your Heart explodes the myth that an individual alone is responsible for his or her sickness, particularly heart disease and the underlying conditions like diabetes and hypertension. The book is not about risk factors but the causes behind them. What lies behind consumption of unhealthy diets? Why are we becoming physically inactive? What's fuelling the rise in tobacco consumption?

Investigations reveal shocking details. It's the Indian state which is fuelling the risk factors for heart disease in India to a great extent. Narrow political interests, faulty state policies, along with corporate greed, are boosting heart disease in the country. Read this well researched book to help your heart beat stronger and longer.

Through this book the reader will not only learn why heart diseases should be regarded as a major threat to  Indians, but will also become aware of the complex chain of causal factors that stretch from government policies and the industry's marketing strategies to the circumstances that condition an individual's health behaviours. 
To bring about a collective societal response to this threat, it is necessary to educate the government and the people about the causes and consequences of heart diseases .

The book is a must read if you want to know about more about heart  and explore more facts and information. Very well written and presented.I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


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