Thursday, 3 September 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Magic of Faith by Joseph Murphy


In this book, Joseph Murphy deals especially with mental and spiritual laws that promote peace, health, and happiness. Faith in, and the practice of the Presence of God, are the catalysts from which spring forth the magical realization of our cherished desires. Every chapter of this book should aid the reader in a greater understanding of the spiritual laws which govern us, and by so doing provide a sound basis for greater faith in the unseen forces for good at our disposal: "The real You is a spiritual, eternal, perfect being. You are a living expression of God now."


Likes :- 
--->You will always move in the direction of the desire which dominates your mind. 

--->No matter what the problem is or its magnitude,you have really nothing to do but convince yourself  of the truth which you are affirming.As quickly as you succeed in convincing yourself of the reality of your desire,results will automatically follow.

--->When you claim that what is true of God is true of you, miracles will happen in your life.

--->Your whole world will change as you really begin to see God in everything and in everyone.

--->It is never what a person says or does that affects us, it is our reaction to what is said or done matters.

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