Thursday, 3 September 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Be Awesome, Live Awesome: A 'Non-Pakau' self help book


This Book is for you if:

If you want to excel in your career and fulfil all your dreams.
If you want to overcome obstacles and face challenges positively.
If you want to develop unstoppable confidence and motivation.
If you want to have to strong relationships with people around you.
If you want to stay happily forever with your loved ones.

A 120 minutes read, with an ever lasting positive impact.


This book has 4 parts: Awesome Career, Awesome Self, Awesome Relations and Awesome Love Life. What else you need?
Awesome Career:

  • How to plan, achieve and succeed in your Dream Career.
  • How to stay Committed and motivated to your Goals

  • Awesome You:

  • Develop unstoppable Confidence and Commitment
  • Learn to handle Anger, Stress and Worries

  • Awesome Relations:

  • Master the Art of building Strong Relations
  • Strengthening your bonds with Friends, Family, Parents etc.

  • Awesome Love:

  • Know what Makes or Breaks the Love Life.
  • Making Right Choices and Expectations, Handling Bad Past etc.

    This book is very well researched and planned effort to give you some quick lessons in a non-pakkau way.

    In first part of the book, the author focuses on career and building a great future.How can you make your youth count and create an amazing future.

    Next part will help you know yourself,develop your individuality and build  a personality from which you can reap benefits forever.

    In the third part, it discusses about the challenges you face in your relations-be it with your friends, loved ones or family.

    And the last chapter focuses on very emotional part in lives of youth which is love, what makes or breaks relationship .
    I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Must Read .

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