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Death In Every Stride by Megha Agarwal

Death In Every Stride
– Megha Agarwal

Book Synopsis
Death in Every Stride is based on the global epidemic that most women face in their lives. It is a dark fable of Krisanne who is going to turn on her wheels and step into a new phase of her life with Paul Dore. Rather, it is a new beginning for Krisanne of the stygian darkness before dawn. How her dreams which she had weaved with flower petals are filled with thorns is what the story revolves around. At the end, the author poses a strong question, “Who is at fault for Paul’s attitude and insane cave of thoughts?”
“If you don’t want to fight, then be audacious enough to raise your voice because if you don’t raise your voice, I will rape you.”
Book Details :
Language : English
Publisher : Authorspress
Number Of Pages : 50 Pages
Publication Year : 2015
Flipkart Authorspress

About The Author
Megha AgarwalMegha Agarwal (Born on 23 September, 1995) is an active blogger at Destroy Heaven and a gold medalist in INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD, 2012. Being a passionate learner, she aspires to become a corporate social entrepreneur. Equipped well with the mind of a business maestro; she wishes to integrate her interests of entrepreneurship and writing in order to bring out something inspiring.
Her areas of interests include writing poems, watching inspirational movies and philanthropy. Currently, she is pursuing Bachelor in Economics (H) from The Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi.
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