Tuesday, 29 September 2015

FREE DOWNLOAD: Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi

In this sequel to the bestselling Just Friends, find out what happens when headstrong and impulsive Tanie Brar meets her equally crazy best friend Sumer Singh Dhillon after five long years of separation. Heart-warming and poignant, Never Kiss Your Best Friend redefines the rules of friendship with its story of a boy and a girl who are soulmates in every sense.

Summary Of The Book:
Go lingerie-shopping with him.
Pass out drunk with her on the same bed.
Cry on his shoulder when you break up.
Bore her with football talk at 3 a. m.
Ask him for advice on how to keep your boyfriend 'happy'.
Watch a cheesy movie with her and cry freely.
Ask him to rate your butt.
Dance with her in your boxers.
But never, ever kiss your best friend.

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