Friday, 30 October 2015

You Are Becoming (A non-negotiable manual for aspiring teens) by K J Thomas

Squeezed between expectations and the hard realities of everyday life many promising teenagers end up feeling suffocated and depressed. Parents and society, often obsessed with academic performance and accomplishments of children, do not understand what they are going through in school and out of school. This book reveals the process of becoming, finding means and ways to get the best out of school, some of the most effective, time tested and irresistible learning techniques, It also contains a comprehensive list of useful websites for high school and higher secondary school students, strategies for a more powerful vocabulary and much more...

'A Vade mekum for all youngsters to inspire, reflect advice and guide them throughout their student life. It gives no false hopes, brings you close to yourself and also suggests numerous fun packed learning ways. With a style so effortless, it is hard to put the book down; readers are bound to relate to passages...'

This book will definitely make changes in your thoughts and the way you study. It is not just another learning material; rather, it deals with a more important subject, 'Learning to learn'. You will re-discover the wonderful feeling of being a student. You will be surprised to know how easy it is to learn with the simple and practical techniques this book offers. It is, no doubt, an Indispensable guide to students, parents and teachers alike.

'I happened to see the manuscript of this book on my aunt's table. Just thought of having a quick look and WHAT MUST I SAY...? Returned it the next morning having finished the book.'

BOOK REVIEW :- This book is very useful for students, for the improvement of students.It is an interactive source of guidance.

The book is divided into  3 parts : the 1st part deals with becoming ,the second part is about being cool at school and the 3rd part deals with the most effective and time tested ways of learning.

To overcome the problems/issues and hardships that teenagers face in their day to day life,we should try hard and the books contains all the relevant information that you need .

I would rate this book 4 stars out of 5 stars.A must read for all teenagers. 

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