Sunday, 1 November 2015

A dream Come true by Rishiraj Sen

Nineteen years had gone by, to a crucified act that separated the soul, who were madly in love with each other. Family drove them to unwanted roads, which they would had never chosen. Their love was killed and buried for nineteen long years, under the sand of time. She was married, he faded away. Bitterness in heart, always engrossed their way. She was a mother, he became no one to bother, But dreams of being together never left... Will they able to be together in the last phase of life? Can love find its way in the most obscure route of life? Or the story that remained incomplete and untold will remain so?

Got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
Truly speaking the book  touched my heart. The story is amazing ,emotional and touchy.
Actually i like the  concept .

As clear from the blurb , this story is about two lovers , Arjun and Anya, who were departed at young age, when they started loving each other. After so many year , when Anya has daughter Neha who is now of same age of getting married. Anya narrates the story of hers to Neha.

Ending is as usual awesome. In the end both Arjun and Anya, finally after a thunder storm in their lives that separated them, were together! There came a beautiful and colorful rainbow, resting in their golden nest of love. 

Because love always happens like that, irrespective of numerical figures we cross in our lives....! 

Hats off to the author ,for such an attempt at this age .Wishing him success for future  , Hope to read more from you soon.  I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Few beautiful  lines  from the book which i like :-
" To love is not just to hold hands. To love is to wait. To love is to cherish the moments spent together. To love is to stay true no matter what, till the eternity."

Neha was melted into tears out of happiness that she got an angel as a mother, that she had seen the purest love. She felt blessed for being in her mother's life. She just threw her hands around Anya and cried resting her head in her lap. "I love you mamma.” "Love you dear" Anya kissed her hair, caressing her back.
Anya's father was guilty stricken. For, his one decision had irrevocably damaged 3 innocent lives. But still Anya forgave him. No wonder, it usually happens with girls. They forgive easily. But may or may not forget though. However, Anya could never forgive herself for what Shiv had done with his own life. Shiv had left the country that very evening, as he finally gave her Arjun back to Anya, and then he had nothing left but to move on. He was satisfied with his life just because his happiness lies in smiles of her. For him love happens only once just like the love that happened for Anya. The thing that he hid from her and would hide from her forever was that he loved Anya!! More than love, humanity occupied the place that he stood by her in her hardships as a friend. After all what Shiv learnt from Anya was that, to love is not just to hold hands. To love is to wait. To love is to cherish the moments spent together. To love is to stay true no matter what, till the eternity.

Rishiraj Sen, a fifteen year old boy who loves to write. Being a teenager, his mind is filled with some creativity and some frustration on the society which he wants to show through his novel. He has participated in Indian idol junior and many more singing competitions. Organizing shows is his hobby. He has also won BEST ORGANIZER award from the rock/metal scene of north-east. He has 166 RISHIRAJ SEN appeared in the class 10 board examination and has won a national level art competition in sketching. Apart from this quizzing, cricket and football are his interests. Contact: or through facebook

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