Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Just Six Evenings by Tanmay Dubey

I always used to refrain from reading those typical love stories.. yeah you heard it correct. I am not a very romantic person… but this particular book had everything from love to corporate practices to selfless friendship.

Atul Shukla, a young, successful executive, has been arrested by the Gurgaon police. As he attempts to find some comfort in the dark confines of his cell, Atul revisits his life and the six evenings that changed its course. 

Eight years ago, while working in Bhopal, Atul had met the beautiful and intelligent Priya on a train, DDLJ style. When it turned out that she was in his city for only six days, he decided to woo her in that fleeting period of time. But fate had other plans in store, and Atul and Priya were torn apart by lust and betrayal, seemingly forever. 

Years later, Atul and Priya meet once again for six days, while they are both navigating the murky underbelly of the modern corporate world. And this time it’s not just their love at stake, but their careers, and their future as well. Will Atul and Priya manage to give love a second chance? Or will corporate greed destroy their chance for a happy ending? 
Just Six Evenings is a modern-day tale of love, lust and ambition in a corporate India that shines at the expense of the dreams it tramples under its feet.

·         The first para of the book itself creates curiosity in your mind that how come such a well to do man lands himself in such a situation Which is obviously a good sign creating the right amount of suspense.
  • A Child is brilliant when he/she is born, but as their personality begins to develop in a certain way, society starts categorising him/her as an achiever or loser. Just remember everyone is born brilliant so why to hamper or twist your intelligence and innocence for the sake of others or with the fear of getting "Judged "! So  true. Isn’t it every step we take in our lives is driven because of fear! Mostly fear of what others will think if we don’t abide by them.
  •   The USP of this book along with it being a full package. Is the GURUJI. His words of wisdom are practical! loved those conversation with guruji
  • The dark secrets of the corporate & corrupt world will make you flinch in disgust but sadly it’s true. The other side of Sushil Rajput makes you feel disgusted at his so called ethical practices. He doesn’t even feel a little bit of hesitation in betraying Atul whom he had treated like his own child.
  •  I loved those excerpts from Priya’s diary! Particularly the one where she describes her father’s death. How she wanted to wail but couldn’t as she had to be strong! This describes how Priya is a courageous women who is brave and sticks to her moral & values.
  • The poem lines “ you and I “ is really a sweet poem full of emotions                                “ like the first ray of light that ends the night                                                                     days glowed with your love when you stepped into my life”
  •  I loved the ending “all’s well that ends well”.
  • A power packed book where you can find every emotion. Loved it

RATING 3.9/5

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