Sunday, 29 November 2015

Adulterated Love: We are Forever by Udita Pal


We are Forever. 

Love - Most beautiful feeling. 

Sex - Most desperate feeling.

School - The temple of education (18+) 

Pregnancy- Outcome of desperation.

Ela was never supposed to fall in love with him. She was an honest lawyer's only daughter and he was corrupt MLA's. From Enemies to Friends to Best friends to Spouses to Strangers, their journey is similar to that of any teenager. But does love come with a personal handbook? Will Suhas drive away Ela from her goal? Does falling in love always have positive consequences? 

At a career driven age, will love stand? 

At the age where nothing is cooler than losing virginity, will love manage to conquer? 

At the age where 69 is more than just number, will love try to seep in? 

Join that feeling of being in true love for the first time through this raw and unfiltered tale.

I bought this book from amazon. This book is 
Published by Gargi Publishers & written by Udita Pal.

The story is about so called "next generation" ,which is very demanding at the same time.
We can say that Love doesn't exist at this age!  Couple of pregnancies, abortion, regression, and thats it. 

So its basically for teenagers ,relationships between them now days. 
Relationships are easy to make but difficult to accommodate. Everything in this world has a correct time for it to happen,so do relationships. Dont be in a rush. 

As a young writer ,author has done a good job. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 reads. Its a lite read & i enjoyed it thoroughly. 

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