Sunday, 22 November 2015

And I met you again: An epic adventure By Amit Pandey

She sacrificed her love, he lost his love but friends they always meant to be together.

This is story of true friends and their love journey shaped from college to carrier. Corruption, murder, cheating and love triangle; a tragedy romance fiction And I met You AGAIN.

‘And I met you again’ is story of six engineering guy. Their passion and interest was different rather than engineering. They were best buddies but a misunderstanding spoiled everything and apart them all. Meanwhile ‘Lakshya’s’ father was murdered who was a political leader. Later they chase their dream and accidently met again, when ‘Prince’ read an article by ‘Khwahish’ covering his love met Lakshya achievement. And also Khwahish reveal the mystery behind murder. And also readers will see impact of corruption, political pressure and media role inside the book.

Length: 139 pages
Publisher: Inklovers India, December 2015

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