Thursday, 26 November 2015

Because I Love you...too by Saurabh Ahuja

This book is about an aspiring writer, Aryan Arora, who is writing a book on his fairly dysfunctional and hilarious life experience when he comes across an old flame, Shubhra Dutta, the owner of a publication house. The two had a romantic history which did not end well the last time they were together but somehow they end up working together. Old sparks rekindle in the process and several skeletons in the closet are revealed. One night, Aryan introduces Shubhra to his friends at a customary reunion of sorts, where his friends end up telling stories about Aryan’s life, right from his dysfunctional family to all of their quirky tales of romance and friendships, their hilarious and sensational life experiences and their never dying love for each other. Just when you would expect a happy ending, there is a very obvious twist in the tale, for Aryan who is known by his friends as ‘The King of Bad Times’. And the climax to Aryan’s story is yet to come, for this time it’s Shubhra, who has taken the responsibility to doing the ‘final touch up’ to Aryan’s story!

Aryan's unfortunate endeavours in life made him write a book and meet Shubhra, again, who found Aryan's real life stories rather intriguing. Everything in Aryan's life has been a disaster especially women, but it was different with her and things, for a change, were going downy until they spent a night together. What was so quipping about Aryan's past that fascinated Shubhra? Will Aryan's adversity continue or will it come to an end? Will the star crossed lovers be able to unite finally? To know it all please read.

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