Sunday, 29 November 2015

Drenched Souls (Moonlit Matinee #2) by Pulkit Gupta, Harshita Srivastava


“And when it rains, I think of us,” she said.

There’s magic in the pitter patter of raindrops. Doesn’t it feel heavenly when the soothing water touches your skin? Doesn’t it feel even more amazing when you witness the rainbow sitting in the lap of your beloved?

For some, rain brings back memories. For some, it’s the storm that rips their life apart. For some, there’s ecstasy in getting drenched in the arms of their partner. For some, there’s joy in just watching the drizzles by the window side as they enjoy a cuppa coffee with their better half.

Let some love pour this season. Let’s soak in the drizzle of love with Drenched Souls, an anthology carrying the element of rain in its stories. With the blessings of the Rain God, we bring to you tales of love, pain, recollections, thrill, bliss, sorrow and charm by some amazing writers in town. Get drenched in the saga of love this monsoon.

Drenched Souls - Moonlit Matinee 2 is an anthology comprising of 23 remarkably beautiful short stories that have covered the beautiful concept of love with a tinge of monsoon to make the shade look even more vibrant, romantic and gorgeous. 

Love ,nowadays is becoming an obsolete concept just because the actual essence of it had  been tarnished .

Let love take over this time.Get drenched in the shower of love, read these amazing stories where you could feel the emotions ,feelings of togetherness, loneliness ,pain .
"Love is not just a feeling,its a lifetime that you spend in those few moments of togetherness..."

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