Kissing frogs for a while by Pavan Tarawade


Being an only child to urban Indian parents, Ayesha is being forced into getting married early. In her late twenties and nursing a heartbreak, Ayesha succumbs to the pressures put on her by her folks.
But will she be able to overcome the bitterness that love has left behind? Will she be able to forgive and forget Piyush and move forward? How many Mr. Wrongs would she have to meet to find Mr. Right, and would she even find him?
A story that reveals a rollercoaster of emotions and the different men Ayesha meets to find true love! Does she finally settle for marriage without love?
How many frogs would she have to kiss to find her prince? Did these so-called princes even exist? Part of a generation that’s caught between love and arranged marriages, will Ayesha come out a winner?

This book is inspired from such people who didnot let their belief wither away in the face of adversity. As we are getting connected through smart devices and applications, we are moving farther away from one other. Fewer are the number of people who put in efforts to make relationships work. Long distance relationships are started with a tagline saying that they are not meant to work. 

Hardly Any one of us really goes out of our way looking for the right person. It starts with looking for a good looking person in your junior high classroom, ending it in a year and realizing that it was nothing but a crush, and that maybe ,you had a good person in your friend waiting to date you. By the time you come out of these 'not so right' people for you ,you are left with no time to search for the right one. And then we give up saying that this is life and crap like that.Most people who emphasize that they do not believe in love , simply mean that they do not believe so much in people any more. 


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