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BOOK REVIEW: The Line Reader by Agni Tripathi


A youngster decides to play a prank on his friends, pretending to be able to read the lines on their palms. But, what he sees on his own palm shocks him. Do the lines truly foretell what is in store for one? 

A young couple suffers the perennial perplexities of young love. Is this one the soul-mate? Are the feelings mutual? Can they speak their minds out in time? 

A young man masters the technique to wipe out memories. What could the consequence be? 

Woven around the myriad ironies that are a part and parcel of complex human relations, moving from the tranquil hills to the sweltering plains, touching upon the lives of Metropolitan cities and the remotest rural villages, this collection of short stories will take you through the lives of the various protagonists, who are typical to India in her magnificent diversity. 

Written in a lucid style with a mix of humour and pathos, the stories are sure to touch your hearts as they unfold...

The book is a collection of 22 short stories , ranging from different emotions, there is humour , sadness,mystery, suspense, romance, etc.All these stories seems to be reflected from authors own experience in personal life.  I totally enjoyed reading it.Its a mixed packet/ bag of feelings and emotions.

1. Fasting to Liberation: is the story of a doctor when  remember his days at Govindnagar.
There is only one hospital in the sub-division. how he deal with revolutionaries and  citizens of Govindnagar who were fasting their way to liberation.
2. Killer: Story of crime and murder.  The murder seems very similar to the recent serial killings. It is a bit strange that someone would use such an old-fashioned way to murder people. Attacking the victim from behind and then slits the throat with a sharp knife. 
3. Parting Gift: Story of two room-mates ,friends Ayushman and Anamol, and mystery .Swiss-chocolates which Anamol buyed to gift for his gf.The packet might got stolen. 
4. The Line Reader: Story about astrology and palmistry, Belief and faith cannot be trusted everytime as evidence.
5. Love Birds: Is a love story, sweet and simple.
6. Bongaon Local: Story of Ishaan Roy, medical student. The tiltle of the story is after local train .Bangaon is a city and a municipality in North 24 Parganas district in the state of West Bengal, India.
7. Photograph: Electronic Eraser It was a complicated equipment and involved the latest technology. It couldn’t really cure people of diseases. Nor could it help people to get into shape.
What it could do was to make people completely forget certain things from their past like certain people or places or let’s say ‘incidents’. The basic principle was simple. Find out the group of grey cells in the brain storing the particular information and destroy them.
8. Quarter No. 7B: The story is set place in  Ankro, a rarely heard of village of West Bengal. The mystery about why quarter 7B was never allotted to any of the hospital staff. 
9. At the bus-stop on the 28th day: The story is Written in coversation style . Its a love story and the author recollects the memories taken place in those 28 days.
 A lonely bus stop had dawned into existence much to the ignorance of most bus conductors
10. God’s Own Child: The accident that took place because of  open drains.The  boy fell into it. Why did the fact that the boy was Muslim make the death so acceptable to everyone?
11. My Gentleman: A bus co-passenger who proves himself to be a gentleman through his action.
12. Found:  Umbrella LOST few days back . Where could it be found and the most reliable place is the “Lost and found’' section.
13. Shall We Dance: The story about dance. 
14. Innocent:  Story of innocent child on his Happy birthday, when he feel special , that he was really liked.
15. Mr. Ghosh’s Bungalow: Sometimes life plays funny games with people. Not exactly amusing for the victim, but nonetheless it provides sufficient fodder for humour to society in general.There were a couple of things about Mr. Ghosh that fascinated most people in the locality. The obvious one was his daughter, who was in her late teens. The other was his three-bedroom bungalow.
16. Tale of the Maxriter: story of pen and how it saved later
Pens may come and pens may go; 

We shall write and ink shall flow. 
But I shall look in a special way, 
At the Maxriter that once saved my day!
17. Operation Infecto Leaderous: A political story of the leadership and opposition.
18. The Other Couple: A couple who left their kid alone at home, and how the kid calls up the protagonist, accidentally, asking for his parents whereabouts.
19. All’s Well that Ends Well: As the title says everything is safe and fine at the end .Jerry was more of a warehouse kind of a rat but had recently been introduced to the world of trains by one of his uncles. 
20. My Friend Jyoti: Story about friendship and  when the protagonist remembers and recollects the memories of Jyoti 
21. The Meeting: This a sad story. Story revolves around  Ria and Sayak.. She had been delayed by a bus accident. Her cell phone had got stolen but she had a narrow escape.
22. Yesterday: Yet another love story,story revolves around Sankalp and Aparna .Aparna looked out of the tiny window. She felt guilty. How could she even think of doing this to him? He was happily married and doing everything he had wanted to do in his life. He could not be the answer to her miseries. It was selfish of her to show off her feelings towards him. It was obvious that he still had a weakness for her. But what was important was that he had moved on in life. And no matter how much she wanted to be with him, it was too late. Their time was over.

Overall i would say its A Must Read .The author has good command over language.As a debut book, author has done a good job , looking forward to read more from the author.I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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