The Shadow Of The Dark Soul by Sukhmani Gandhi

'The Shadow Of The Dark Soul' is the story of Zayesha who is a twenty something journalist working in Delhi. Sensitive and compassionate she is a league apart from her contemporaries, who believe in the mantra of manufacturing or milking news. Cornered by her boss, she fights against time to work on the Nirbhaya case in order to save her job. Synchronicity plays a crucial, life- altering role in her life when a series of events make her question herself. During this phase, Zayesha comes across The Shadow of The Dark Soul, thanks to her next door neighbor. Nothing stays the same afterwards as Zayesha is made to reassess everything. Will she manage to finish her report on the Nirbhaya case on time? How far will she go to step from armchair activism into the realities of life? Will she win in the end? The questions are many, but the answers lie within The Shadow of the Dark Soul, the maiden novel of Sukhmani Gandhi, a budding Delhi based writer. 

BOOK REVIEW :-  Received this book from the author in exchange for honest review. 
This is a short novel. Around 80 pages.
I must say its a brave attempt. 
For this i have to do a little research on  2012 Delhi gang rape , Delhi's unknown Nirbhaya: Horrifying story of teenager who was tortured and gang-raped for days and then left for dead in Haryana.

This is a character driven, modern day odyssey where the protagonist faces her demons and emerges on the other side.
Rape or Murder. The continual wait for justice

Jyoti, means light and ironically that very light was thrown in the wretched dungeon of our society. What was her crime? Why was she made to pay a price for a crime she never committed? Was her fault the very fact that she trusted a man enough to go out with him? She left with unanswered questions lurking in her torn heart.

We speak of values and high levels of spirituality. We speak of glory of women in our mythology. But when reality strikes we see that they have absolutely no respect in our society. Even  Women's Right to Equality doesnot hold good.

Wonder how one invites sexual assault?
The list of don’ts for women in India:
● Wear a short dress.
● Give provoking gestures.
● Drink or indulge in alcoholic beverages
● Go out after 7 pm.
● Go to late night parties
● Go out with a male friend (he may be partner in the rape

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Source :- The Shadow Of The Dark Soul by Sukhmani Gandhi
Some of the lines are taken from the book.

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