Thursday, 3 December 2015

book review : bound in love

There was something in the cover which attracted me to read this book way too early. I simply couldn’t resist the urge to read the book when I knew I had many other books to review before this one. The first thing about the cover that caught my attention was the chains; it gives an entirely different meaning to love if you observe the cover closely. I loved how the author has pointed out the meaning of love in modern day’s context. This book is a collection of short stories out of which some stories will definitely make a long lasting impact on you. The best part of the book is the appreciation received for every story by different authors! I loved the author’s inputs! J

This is the most abused four-letter word in the English dictionary. Today love has become synonymous with another 4 letter word NEED and not many people realize the difference!!

Quite rarely do we mean ‘love’ when we say it. A young teenager who lusts for a girl says he loves her. A woman who has been forcefully married to a man says she loves her husband. A son whose father abuses him day and night says he loves his father. A boss says he loves his employees. A politician says he loves his people. But do they really mean what they say?

The truth is — we have forgotten what love really means. Pure, undiluted love is becoming increasingly rare to find. We know but we are scared to admit that the word ‘love’ has become a mere label to describe many relationships that we cannot free ourselves from.

These stories aren’t easy to read. You need to keep your rosy-tinted glasses of romance aside to be able to digest them. These are about love in its bleakest form. And that’s what is the USP of these stories which definitely makes them different.

These aren’t stories of people who are bound by love; these are stories of people who are Bound in Love!
Ø  No Chocolate For You: I loved how the author had portrayed a mothers concern for her child. It’s only the mother who can sense that the child is in danger. For her child a mother can go to any extent. Though the story was predictable. One could easily guess the issue.
Ø  The shoe that didn’t fit: an unconventional read. An awesome and an unexpected end. I loved these lines. “sometimes what appears to be low hanging fruits are irrevocably held by unflinching roots”
Ø  No greater charm: Is one of the most different stories in the whole series. I loved the unconventional setting & the end breaks your heart. And also gives a lesson that you can’t avoid death. When time has come it has come.
Ø   At the next stop: “are you who I think you are? I think you’re near yet so far.” The best part about this story is that the author has expressed the complex relations beautifully.
Ø  A song without music: this was one of the best stories of the whole lot! I loved how the author has explained their lives with such an ease and the best part is that it’s realistic!
Ø  The other face of love: loved it. Though I have read many similar stories. The cliché mother son relationship, But this has been portrayed amazingly. This particular reminds me of sudha murthy’s style of writing!
Ø  New wine old bottle: it was okay kind of story. I didn’t like it that much though.
Ø  The lion & the queen: a different nail biting story which makes you wait in anticipation as to what’s gonna happen next. Loved it.
Ø  The makeover: a unique story. It left me awestruck on how amazingly the author has woven such a nice story and a wonderful topic. Kudos to the author for such an unpredictable climax.
Ø  The death of parker Greene: I didn’t like this story reason being I don’t approve of doubts in the relationship. Once doubt enters everything else loses its meaning & value!


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