Thursday, 31 December 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Green Room by Nag Mani

Queen Victoria School, Nainital. 
Founded: 1855. 

“She wears an old uniform,” Nisha continued, “pale white face, dark shadows around her eyes. She is often seen sitting on this very chair. And it is said that the chair is always found in front of the mirror no matter where you leave it.” 

Rohan Agarwal has been appointed the manager of a play, and how excited he is to work with Chandni Joshi – his childhood crush, and unfortunately, his senior! A happy-go-lucky high school boarder, he has his fun with his friends, enjoys the odd sport and does not think twice before raiding his warden’s office to leak question papers. Then, one misty night, he sneaks into the infamous Green Room; and there, he finds something that wasn’t meant to be found… 

Mysterious happenings in the Green Room begin to follow. That's when Rohan stumbles on the fact that the same play was supposed to have taken place before, but it was cancelled. There was something evil associated with the play. Something terrible had happened in the Green Room the first time around, or at least, that’s what the stories said. And yet, Rohan finds, the old stories turn out to be true. 

And then, he learns a dark secret the school had been hiding…

BOOK REVIEW :- I usually don't read horror or thrilling novel, but i choose to read this book .The cover & the blurb clearly shows that there is Ghost involve in the story . 
The story revolves around the Queen Victoria School, which is a boarding school, around one hundred 5o years old. There is one green room in which where the ghost lives. 
The story is interesting and it gives me Goosebumps. The story took your breathe away.

The story starts with Ramesh,when he noticed that after several years she had returned Just when he begun to assume that it was over, he saw it again. 

While walking along the path, the dogs started barking,the trees mocked. 
The movement began to grow and he felt surrounded by it. 
Warm blood rushed down his spine .She stood infront of him ,staring through the swirling veil of mist. 

Then the story moves forward. Rohan Agarwal student of Queen Victoria School, break into the Warden's office ,to leak the question papers, he is in search for the question papers. he watched through  the front quadrangle .Just when he was searching for the room , he by mistake enters the wrong room ,which was dark and old. He was trapped and something hold his legs, he cant move. 
Will he able to come out? What will happen when everyone gets to know about the green room and the hidden secret? To read the entire story go & Buy the Book. 

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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