Friday, 25 December 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Paradox of Vantage Point by Indrani Singha Majumdar

This falls true for Anwesha Nair- a writer on temporary leave to complete her half-written book. All hell breaks loose when she has to, under unavoidable circumstances, share her room with a eunuch. Yes, that’s true. But, this eunuch is not like what normal people assume them to be. He is different. The friction and anomaly between them is apparent. Enter Vikram, the happy go lucky guy, with the simple philosophy of “let’s eat and have fun”.

How are these 3 different entities going to stay together? Will there ever be a bond of friendship between them? How easy it is to address eunuch as your acquaintances in real life, forget friends? How far will you go in your trial to overcome the angst and be a better human being?

The Paradox of Vantage Point is the journey of Anwesha Nair, Raghubir Kishor and Vikram Madane from being compassion-deficient to acquiring a deeper analysis of life. It is their story of surviving the battle and ultimately painting the canvas of life with positivity and gleefulness.

BOOK REVIEW :- Honestly speaking , the first look of the book didn't leave any impression on me, When i saw the cover of the book i thought it would be a normal book with usual story line, but after i start reading it, i found the story to be quite interesting .

The story revolves around the protagonist Anwesha Nair, who has been working in Mumbai at City Chronicle for the past 4 year. She is an Ex-journalist and an aspiring writer.
Now Anwesha is in deal with her parents and promised her father to publish book with her name and to find a suitable guy for marriage  within 2 year otherwise She will have to get married to any man of her father's choice.

Anwesha has to get out of her comfort zone and have to work hard to finish writing her novel, but her irritating neighbour who share flat in the same apartment is very disturbing and irritating to her.

Will she able to complete her novel on time? . What will happen if Anwesha has to share her room with the same person whom she dislike? . What will happen in her life next ?
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Truly speaking ,you will enjoy reading this book, the book is gripping, As a debut book ,the author has done a fab. job . Hearty congratulations to her for getting this book published. Wish it becomes a best seller . 
I would give this book 4 out 5 stars. 


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  1. Thank you so much for an honest review and acknowledging the hard work put in to bring this book out :)