Saturday, 26 December 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Poison Called Love by Suddhabrata Deb Roy

A tale of three people, Rahul , Priya and Vipul, all victims of the cruel fate.
When Rahul commits suicide, he leaves some recorded tapes ,telling his story.
The case of Rahul’s death is investigated by Vikram, who finds traces of his own life in it.
Rahul reveals that he had tried to kill his only love, Priya
and at the same time tried saving her too.
Why did Rahul try to save Priya when he only had tried to kill her?
Why did Rahul commit suicide then?
What is the connection of Vikram to the two people?
Turn the pages of the book to let yourself know the answers…

I received this book from the author , in exchange for honest review.
The author has shown the dark side of love. 
Talking about the book, the story moves forward like a movie.

Rahul  Mehta has been found dead. The police inspector who is in charge of this case is Vikram Pradhan. By the time police has reached there was already a huge gathering of people there.As it was a residential area ,the people were too afraid to say a word to the police.
The police found the cassette there ,which contains the recording of Rahul.
Then Rahul starts narrating the whole story,what happened with him and his life,why did he killed Priya ,when he used to love her?
And one more interesting thing is that Vikram who is investigating the case, is also connected with this murder case.

The story has a lot many spheres to it that keeps the reader glued till the end. The best part of the book is that it just doesn't concentrate on love and mushy romance, there's a lot of suspense and thrill which is generally not found in books these day.It Keeps you hooked from page one.

A definite pick for everyone who has loved and lost love.The author has done a great job.
I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Suddhabrata Deb Roy was born and raised in Silchar, ASSAM. He is a passionate fan of Sherlock Holmes and is in the habit of imitating the great detective, though he fails at it every time. An atheist, he likes to remain absorbed in books as he finds very little outside the world of books that interests him. He is currently pursuing his B.E course in the discipline of Electrical Engineering from Jorhat Engineering College, Assam. He has authored three books so far ,”Well Played…Mate!”,”Return of the Emperor” and “A poison called love”. He can be easily contacted through his face book account (Suddhabrata Deb Roy) or you can mail him at 

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