Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mission To Venus & Other Tales Of Wonder by Mahesh Paranjpe


• This fascinating collection of science fiction stories brings wonder and intrigue into our mundane, everyday lives as we encounter aliens, other worlds and exciting adventures.
• Find out what happens on the mission to Venus as a team of crack commandos investigate strange incidents on the newly Terraformed planet.
• Travel with Murar on his amazing journey, as the life he knows is changed forever.
• Walk with Datta as he delves into a murder mystery using common sense and logic in a tech-enhanced future.
• And join Lakshmi, Roopchand and Sopan as they uncover secrets, make startling discoveries and encounter the unexpected.
• Unleash your imagination!

 I got this book from the author,in exchange for honest review.
It belongs to Science fiction category and is suitable to read by children as well as adults.
The book contains collection of  stories - Lakshmi's Voice, A Family Man, Dyssomnia and many more.
It takes you to the fantasy imaginary world  where everything is illusory.
Stories about unknown has always been enthralling.
Fantasy and science fiction especially in recent times, have transported to high levels.
These collection of tales range accross several sub generes,from space travel to time travel and from Alliens to artificial intelligence.They are set in Indian context which children can identify with and feature characters they empathise with.

Overall, its a fun read and everyone will enjoy it reading !
I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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