Sunday, 13 December 2015

must have for horror lovers

Technically speaking this is my first horror book. And I am glad that I chose this book to experiment with. The author has ensured with her brilliant writing which has all the vivid descriptions. I personally made a point to read most of the parts at night to give the perfect set up. And dude it’s really scary.

Liam’s life has become a waking nightmare. He’s plagued by constant headaches and is hounded by inexplicable events bordering on the insane. He is convinced that his vindictive ex, Lily, despite her vehement denials, is the one sending him disturbing packages. The only bright spot in a life gone berserk is Aliana, the woman Liam has loved ever since he saw her in a parking lot. But a shocking revelation about her leaves him questioning everything he knows. As Liam plunges deeper into the twin abysses of unbridled love and unexplained insanity, he has to do all it takes to stop his life from spiraling out of control.
ü  I loved how the author has described the scenes so vividly. I am sure to the fact that if ever I come across this book at a store it will surely send me the chills.
ü  Try reading this book at night. I was up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare were I see a dead mice. Such was the powerful & vivid description. After that I obviously refrained from reading at night. You wouldn’t want to read this at night.(REALLY)
ü  Everything from the constant headaches and the stench smell from the strange behaviour of nyx have been explained in a unique manner. This story gives you an eerie feeling.
ü  The vocabulary is amazing. The words used will definitely add up to your dictionary. Words like “Raspy, papery, girth, eke, nymph just add a great feel to the whole set up and story” it was definitely a treat to read.
ü  Shaking his head, Liam continued to walk in the direction that he had originally been going in, ignoring the map. He had barely taken thirty steps when the feeling of being watched returned in earnest. Swallowing the hollow at the base of his throat, Liam slowly turned around and gasped. Where not a single soul had been in sight for all this while, some forty odd cats stood there, each grasping a tiny, bloodied body in their mouths. He watched with increasing horror and revulsion as one by one the cats approached him and lay their kill at his feet.  This particular part shook me up! I was terrified beyond words. Just imagine this situation.
The only supposed glitch that I found was the story was rushed at the end. The end tends you to digest too much. I wished things must have been picturized a bit slow towards the end. Barring these factors, the novel was awesome!


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