Tuesday, 1 December 2015

MUST MUST READ : the temple is not my father: book review

A heart wrenching reality! What a story! A tale of love between mother & daughter. A selfless mother who is ready to part with her daughter to secure her daughters future. I bow down to the author for depicting such a grave issue of devadasis in such a small tale. The only supposed glitch I can come across is that it ended too soon.
The Temple is Not My Father' is a short novella based on the system of Devadasis in Southern India. Devadasis literally translates into 'Servant of God', and girls used to be dedicated to the worship and service of deities in temples. This used to be a position of privilege and most of these girls went on to become accomplished dancers. The system continued until the British outlawed the kings and kingdoms in India, leading to the temples losing the patronage of the kings, and consequently their biggest source of income. This ended up in devadasis getting forced into prostitution. A gripping tale of how a woman is forced into prostitution by her own father. A gripping tale on how the same woman tries to force her daughter out of this system? All she wants is a better life for her daughter.
·         An easy read. Read in straight 1 hour 15 minutes. Worth a read. I loved how the author has portrayed the emotions of Godavari when it comes to her protectiveness for her daughter. Her portrayal as a mother who loves one’s child selflessly is awesome
·         You will surely hate Godavari’s father as much as you love Godavari. I still can’t digest the fact that a father can do something like this! Seriously it’s disgusting that too when the daughter is mere 11 years old.
·         The way the author has unfolded Godavari’s past is worth appreciating. This will leave a footprint in your life for quite a long time.
·         The end! Uff what to say it will leave you stunned for a moment. You will definitely read the end once again just to confirm that what you have read is correct.  No I am not disclosing it. Grab a copy of the book and find out on your own. :P

.     http://www.amazon.in/Temple-Not-My-Father-Story-ebook/dp/B00LQE95FU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448983004&sr=8-1&keywords=the+temple+is+not+my+father 

RATING 4.8/5

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