Sunday, 13 December 2015

revisit those amar chitra katha days

Some books are special in their own sense. They make you revisit the old days of your childhood. I fondly call them as AMAR CHITRA KATHA days with tales of garuda, abhimanyu akhbar birbal and the list goes on & on this book is a journey in itself.
‘I see a dark future that makes me quake,’ Devarishi Narada said. ‘One of these new-borns will ravage the world and erase the name of Krishna from the face of the earth.’
As the world trembles on the threshold of Kali Yuga—4, 32,000 years of unprecedented evil—it waits for a saviour to rise.  Meanwhile, in the dark netherland of the asuras, the meek Vama shudders as he learns that he is actually Pradyumna, the son of Krishna. And that his journey has just begun.
From the asura kingdom to Dwaraka and then Kurukshetra, destiny forces him to battle monsters, angry gods and blazing weapons, and overpower his own weaknesses. Will he be able to rise to the challenge in time to save the world? Or is he the destroyer prophesied by Narada?
Pradyumna is the gripping saga of the rise of this mighty, swashbuckling hero whom all of humanity awaits.
ü  You must always look for the truth that underlies events. Only people with evil minds try to drag down others to their own level. “Very true these days’ people are so eager to make judgements without even understanding the whole situation.”
ü  I loved how the author has woven the tales of such a less known mythological character with such an ease.
ü  The best part where the metamorphosis of Vama into Pradyumna and same of mayavati as a mother to his wife.
ü  I see disaster. I see doom. A new curse has fallen on the yadus.I loved those tales in between told in the praise of lord Krishna. I loved those teachings which you will surely find in between like “you cannot give up your duty just to avoid adding to your karma.”
ü  ‘I will not dishonour my queen who brought me back from Yamaloka. I loved this line irrespective of the fact that he gets married in the next scene :P
ü  I loved the way various emotions of samba & queen Jambavati have been portrayed. How their ignorance & arrogance will lead to their doom.

RATING: 4.5/5

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