Sunday, 13 December 2015

Why We Love The Way We Do by Preeti Shenoy


Is it possible to tell if it is love or lust? How important is sex in a relationship? Why do break-ups hurt so much? How often should you message a person you fancy? How do you tell if someone is too young or too old for you? 

When it comes to relationships, these are the questions that most of us ponder. No matter how young or old we are, we are all looking for ways to make our relationships better. The best way to do that is to understand what makes us behave the way we do. 

Preeti Shenoy  is one of the best selling authors ,given many hit novels  . 
I had a lot of expectations from this particular book, which i think is disappointing this time . 

Talking about the book this book is non-fiction. 
This book is a collection of pieces adapted from column 'Sex and the City' written in Financial Chronicle. 
The articles contains topics like relationships ,sex, communication between men and the women,finding the perfect partner and anything else that you can think of on those lines.Some articles are really impressive while some are average. In total there are 56 chapters.

The inspiration of these articles are from real life stories. 
I think the author has done lot of research to present this book in this way. It is well compiled. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. A must read. 

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