Friday, 1 January 2016

Author Interview Of Love Story? Seriously!

The sanguine sun is just preparing to slumber and the filtered glare from it striking the scene makes it even more alluring .The flock of birds are moving together in a v shaped structure and it looks as if they are returning to their home after a long tedious day's hard work .The fact that they are all together in every aspect of life brings strength and calmness to my dilapidating heart. It is even more mesmerizing to find the three best people of my life beside me.
SAMAR: The epitome of the story, takes you on an amazing voyage of his life. He recalls his friends and all his unsuccessful love interests - Sapna, Samriddhi and Surbhi.
What happens when you fall in love? What happens when you fall out of it? What happens when you are unwanted? What happens when you are cheated and still coined a cheater? Can there be a reason to not like someone? Can there always be a reason to like someone? Explore answers to all these questions along with Samar on his journey in search of true love. It brings you, yet another unconventional love story of all times. The author intends to bring about the fact that can this also be a love story and leaves the readers to decide enquiring them Love Story? Seriously!



1. What inspired you to start writing? 
I had a friend . He was a reading freak and used to narrate stories he read and I used to imagine the character which always thrilled me and hence I started reading. On doing so I felt that even I could write the same indeed it was all imagination and then drafting so  a lot of reading and then writing.

2. What did you like to read when you were a boy?
I am a great reader of mystery and thriller. I had started with Sherlock Holmes and then moved on to Agatha Christie books ever since then I have been reading various genres

3. What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?
Greatest challenge in writing a book is getting your thoughts into words because there are many different ways to write a single thought but to choose the best one is the writer's job and is obviously expected from an author.

4. How much research do you do before writing the book?
Nowadays everything can be looked up on the Internet but there are some specific details you need to know about a particular thing and for that you need to hold or see it personally. So yes research should be a bit deep.

5. What motivated you to write the book "I love you and your sister" ? 
My motivation has always been my thinking which is always wanting to look different from the crowd. To do something 'hatke' always and exploring oneself.

6. Can you tell us more about your latest book ? 
The book is titled LOVE STORY? SERIOUSLY! "  and as the name suggests it is a love story but then an unconventional one. It is all about SAMAR and all his unsuccessful love. Yes unsuccessful!! And why so?  To know the answers you will have to   read the book.

7. How you take out time from your busy schedule to write this book?
Frankly speaking while writing this book I was absolutely free but now as I am onto my 2nd book  I use my weekend for writing.

8. Who are your favourite authors?
My message for aspiring writers is that do not think about how to write, how much to write and what to write because it is your story and nobody else has the right in any way to modify your work. Keep up the good work.

9. What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?
Ashwin Sanghi,Novoneel Chakraborty,Agatha Christie and Paulo Coelho are my favourite

SHIVI PANDEY was born in Patna on 22nd April, 1993 and grew up in West Bengal. In his early childhood he was admitted to a boarding school. He passed his ICSE examinations in 2009 from Himali Boarding School located in Kurseong, Darjeeling. He is a jovial, carefree and fun loving person. He is also a source of motivation for his friends sometimes. Ever since his childhood he has been an avid reader which motivated him to focus his expressions and pen it down. It is not only his hobby but also his passion to write. His poem was published in Kritika the college magazine which gave him focus to write.He is an engineer graduated in 2015, April from KIIT UNIVERSITY. His self-belief and selfless attitude are just few good points about him. He firmly believes that not quantity but the quality matters and does not discriminate between people but skill.

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