Tuesday, 5 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW : E-Love: Terms & Conditions Applied by Ankit Bohra

e-love -  Terms & Conditions Applied  - authored by Ankit Bohra

 Ankit, a village boy moves to Jodhpur with the aim of getting the tag of CA. Because of a prank he meets Akshi. They become friends and in short duration of time they become good friends and soon best friends. As they move with the friendship, they get addicted of chatting with each other. Both started sharing all the chaos of their life over SMS and Facebook chats and time comes when Ankit falls in love with Akshi and he proposes her. She accepts his proposal and their relationship takes off but after a time they start facing the problems, which consequently gives birth to various hurdles in their relationship, they manage thorns which are in their way but true love requires lot of efforts and time comes when just after Ankit’s birthday Akshi decides to get apart. After breakup Ankit moves ahead. But then his love comes back in his life.
e-love; tries to find out the answer of the question whether love can be carried over text or facebook chats. In reality true love demands more. Can true love flourish over chat or it just starts with chat and ended over chat? E-love simply reveals that everything comes with certain terms and conditions and we have to agree to those conditions, if we want to find a way to live. Explore the T&C i am talking about. 

BOOK REVIEW :-   This book is a light read. 
I felt boring as soon i hold it , i said...haiii  ???  the same story which i read thousand of times.
Many books are written on the same concept and its one more added to it.
But i appreciate the effort by the author that he has not done copy-paste,he has written the story in his own way and style

The love story that happened through text messages and Facebook chats. 
Through text Ankit and Akshi exchanged their feelings, emotions 
The text msgs filled the entire gap.

Then what can happen? in the end breakup happened .Post breakup scenes are never pleasant. It takes ass-fucking work to get back to your normal life from the heart breaking situation. Life gets totally changed. Ultimately heart has to bear a lot. How easy could be that?

I was about to skip this book but since i got this book to review , so i just cant let it down. I would rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars. 
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