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BOOK REVIEW: The Lost / Last Rights by Laksh Ramazad


Youth is a time of life when dreams are many and the mind takes flight, as the heart pumps more enthusiasm than blood. It is a time that can make or break a man’s life and determine the future of his family, friends, colleagues and others who are associated with him. Some use their youth to fulfil their dreams, go on to become famous, rich and build the foundation for a comfortable life that survives them from their prime years to old age. Some of the hot blooded take the plunge, make a few calculated moves, court controversies and this becomes their way of life for the years ahead. Of course, these people are the ones who are envied, gossiped about and have the shortest lifetime in the short-term memory of people. And then there are those whose youth becomes the time of their life when they learn the biggest lessons, make the journey of personal transformation and metamorphose from callous youngsters breeding angst against the world into responsible youngsters who fight for the more important things in life—family, honour and truth.
I’m Haren. This story is about me and the person I detest, my dad, Arjun—a drunkard, philanderer and a failed actor who acted in a few Hindi films in the 1980s. He was close to being big, in terms of his professional failure. His other achievement includes imprisonment under court orders on suspicion of murdering his best friend Amrender. Police found no clues about his mysterious disappearance and the canines never found his body. He was a perfect murderer.
Now why should I write about dad? Because a chance encounter with a film maker made me investigate the circumstances under which he murdered his best friend and it was one hell of a journey that fascinated me as a writer. Unearthing the long-lost evidences from under the dunes of time was bit painstaking and probably worth sharing. So here I’m, ready to recreate the events to take you through the journey I trod a few years back.

BOOK REVIEW :- The story is amazing, its very well written .I like the story line .
I would really like to appreciate the author's work.
The story revolves around the protagonist Haren, Harem is very ambitious and hard working .
His dad, Arjun, a drunkard, philanderer and a failed actor who acted in a few Hindi films in the 1980s.

At the age of 12 ,when his father died, he was homeless.He stayed with Mr.Ghani who was libranian and he supported him, By the age of 20,Haren had written many short stories,screenplays and wanted to make his career,He was shifted to a single story building where he started living in one room.

But after Mr.Ghani's death,who was like his family, he lost the support and hope, Soon he shifted to Malad East & tried to concentrate on his writing & career.
He used to share and narrate the story with his friends - Sanjay and George.Sanjay was his best friend.
where he meet with Disha her neighbour and he developed interest on her .

The description of  character of Disha is done well :- Her face was round to oval and the statistics of her eyes, ears nose, lips and chin followed divine proportions to form an exquisite face, Her straight hairs sashayed their tips brushing her waist.

Lesson Learned Through  This Book :-
These are few things which i adored,

  • Sometimes life forces unendurable situations which one has to live with . 
  • For a writer ,it's narration that sells his story.
  • The mantra to survive in this industry is to be patient and hard working. 

This book very well portrays the relationship bond between Father and Son.Anyone who is writer or film-maker or reader will love reading this book.This book is quite interesting.The story is fresh and can be converted to make  film.  I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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