Saturday, 23 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Maya, when love becomes obsession by Pooja Agrawal

Unfold pages to open mystery, Which usually create chilling history. As you open one by one each page, You will get to form clear image. Sometime give smile on face, Sometime make cry when trace. It may be pleasant for a while, Feel without this you are not alive. Is this just a mere feeling, That obsession is always healing. Cannot understand what to do, Just help me to move it through. If you really cannot put down, This is the place where your heart will pound. You will imagine sheer beauty around, This chilling mystery of MAYA..... Will help you to understand different notes of trauma.

The cover of the book didn't fascinated me, but i choose to read this book because of the title and the blurb .
As it is written on the cover of the book - When Love Becomes Obsession
This the story of love, which revolves around the protagonist Maaya ,who becomes victim of her loved ones in her life.

Her life took unfortunate turns because of her friends ,Tushar, Ishita ,Sam and compulsive lover.
Ishita was jealous of the connection between Tushar and Maya.

When an accident happens in her life. Whetever happened with her should not happen ,Maaya was seemingly normal on the outside ,but was shattered from inside.The memories of rape haunted her every day and the nights were more frightening.She lived in constant state of fear .She always felt trapped.

What would happen when jealously gives rise to obsession which can even kill anyone & took life of Maya ?
To know more about the story, grab a copy of this book now.
With the unexpected turn of events all through out the story, and with an engaging and thoroughly intriguing narrative, the story gradually seeps through the veins of the readers thus making them addicted to it till the very last page. I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.