Sunday, 24 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: P.S. Be My Angel by Baman Tadiwala

Bhavam Sharma, an engineering student, is trying to move on in his life after a break-up which occurred four years ago with his girlfriend, Preksha. He's deeply heartbroken, and slowly starts becoming isolated from people around him. His only friend during these tough days is GOD. He communicates with him daily, every minute, every second, but even GOD doesn't care to reply to him. However, one day, nature is kind enough to gift him the girl who cares and respects his feelings. Everything goes well, but suddenly, one day, destiny applies the brakes in his life. Bhavam is again left alone. Will he quit? Or will he fight for his love? Will GOD finally have a reply for him? Or will he again go back into the darkness of his sorrows? P.S. BE MY ANGEL is a simple love story, which shall again revive the feeling of love and trust, faith within you. 

BOOK REVIEWS :-  I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The book cover is glossy .
The story revolves around the protagonist Bhavam Sharma, an engineering student.
JEE has taken away all his confidence.
It is not always , that a good student will always remain brilliant.

In India, Lakhs to student appear for IIT paper every year.Even i know how difficult it is to prepare all da and night as i also faced the same situation .
Earlier he was called Bhavam and now he is given a tag name 'the ex-bf of Preksha'. She cheated him.Why do he loved a girl who just used him for nothing.Still he has mixed feelings for her.
Why do boys and girls keep blaming each other for their breakup .
life is an endless opportunity so never give up!

Extract From The Book :- 

"When a guy is suffering from a phase of breakup, he is noticed the girls who belongs to his society. Initially the girls think that the suffering gu is a shit,but then, as time passes,slowly and gradually ,they check out that guy more suspiciously,Girls do notice if that guy has made another girlfriend after his break-up or not. Girls even notice how that suffering guy looks at other girls, after that particular girl left him and trust me, we have watched you. You never looked at any of the girls in our class. The whole class might not talk with you.,because good girls prefer decent guys like you. It is just that you have to make an attempt. "

This is a sweet lovely book. There is romance,love, emotions, breakup ,heartache and even many funny elements in it.
I found myself able to really get in touch with the characters. This book was such a light, fun read.I like the writing style of the author .The narration is good. Brilliant work done by the author.A must read. Overall i would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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