Saturday, 2 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Raakshas: India's No.1 Serial Killer By Piyush Jha

What made him a serial killer?
Was he born with homicidal tendencies?
Did a harrowing childhood render him criminally insane?
The questions haunt, Additional Commissioner of Police, Maithili Prasad as she discovers the horrific murders across Mumbai. As she spearheads the greatest manhunt in Mumbai’s history, she’s determined to contain the reign of terror unleashed by the ruthless serial killer. But before that she must grapple with her personal demons that surface to plague her with self-doubt.
Just as it seems that Maithili has begun to understand the deep-rooted resentment that drives the serial killer, he turns around and makes her the object of his revenge. Will she emerge unscathed from this ordeal?
This thrilling narrative of a serial killer’s life and the unusual and challenging investigation to catch him, uncovers a chilling trail of unspeakable torment and cruelty-the tale of… Raakshas.

BOOK REVIEW :- Received a copy of this book from the publisher.
I have read Piyush's earlier books, his books are based on crime,suspence & thriller .
We all have heard the readers appreciating his work. This time also Piyush has done a marvellous job, the book will become hit, bestseller within few weeks. It was like i am watching a film or CID .

The plotline of the novel feels interesting when you read the blurb.
Talking about the book, the story is based on the serial killer &  Maithili Prasad  handles the investigation part , as the blurb clearly indicates whether why would a person kill so many people ,is there any past assoociated with him ,which is forcing him to kill others or Did a harrowing childhood render him criminally insane?

Raakshas ...That was the name that his grandmother slapped on his forehead as soon as he was born, the name that came to define hs life and the way he was destined to live it,the name that slipped deep into his heart and became a cancer that could not be cursed.

It was like opening a Pandora's box and finally understanding how the mind of the heinous criminal had worked.Maithili has been following him after the Mundi-Cut killer Case.The serial killer has taken the get up Of Ruzbeh & wore Salwar-Kameez and was about to stab her, when she put the gun on his abdomen and shot him. All this took a few seconds and he died .

While dying ,he gave the pendrive to Maithili which contains all the answers to the crime he done, the pendrive contains the last address in Lokhandwala Complex ,where the heads of all the women  he had killed were preserved in bags of ice.

Serial killers have impaired social skills & view relationships in a skewed manner.They are mentally disturbed .This is how a innocent child became a Raakhas.

Piyush jha is an acclaimed film director, ad filmmaker and the author of bestselling crime-fiction novels.
a student political leader at university, he pursued a career in advertising management after acquiring an mba degree. later, he switched tracks, first to make commercials for some of the country’s largest brands, and then to write and direct feature films. piyush’s films chalo america, king of bollywood and sikandar are noted for their unconventional subject matter and for their relevance to contemporary society. piyush’s earlier novels mumbaistan, compass box killer and anti-social network are page-turners that explore the gritty, noir landscape of crime in mumbai. currently, piyush is developing a crime-based tv show for a leading entertainment channel and he’s also working on his next feature film as a director/writer.
raakshas- india’s no. 1 serial killer is piyush’s fourth crime-thriller novel.



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