Tuesday, 5 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Tell Me You Love Me by Nimmu


Memories of the heart are deeper than the logics of the mind.

Trisha the girl next door was everything Rishab ever wanted in a girl. But for Trisha, Rishab was her best friend and wanted to keep it that way because love meant losing her freedom. Rishab hopes to make Trisha realize that true love never binds you but sets you free. Will Trisha realize it before it is too late? Will destiny give her a second chance to tell him those magical words that Rishab had waited to hear?

BOOK REVIEW :- The story is wonderful and its beautifully written. This is the third book by the author, but i havn't read her previous work.
Talking about the book, its a love story between Rishab and Trisha.
I loved the  characterization ,

Trisha :- looked as fresh as flower , her smile  seemed to go from one ear to another. Her eyes are dark brown , radiant and filled with curiosity.

Rishab :- is cute,handsome,chubby,little bit angry, having curly hairs .Trisha felt on him on seeing him first time.

Trisha is in her 12th, she and her family have been shifted to Pune from Ahmedabad. Hopefully Pune would give her mom and herself the new beginning that they yearned for. They have come to live next to Rishab's house. Risabh used to live with her move ,who is in her 50's his father died 2 year ago, he was in Army.
Trisha could never escape from their past and the ugly truth that she was drunkard's daughter.But for Trisha her mom meant the world to her.She wondered how her parents ended up together as they were a total mismatch. Deep down Rishab used to cared for Trisha very much and loved her.
Will their love story become successful ?,..To read more Go,buy & read the book.

Some Quotes From The Book :- 
"If I feel the story is not flowing, I don't force it. I try to do other things I love like quilling or reading books. Then one day the urge to write springs back again and I continue on my journey."

"Best thing about being a writer is the freedom to be who you are without the need to report to anyone else! "

Overall i give it a thumbs up. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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