Friday, 1 January 2016

Interview with Akshat Shah - Author Of I love you and your sister

The debut book by Akshat, 'I Love You and Your Sister' is the upshot to his imagination. Imagination of a 98' born semi-desperate nerd who gets banged continuously by various combinations of PCM, certainly not described well in the Kamasutra, and still manages to get decent scores in the three.The rating-a-girl-on-a-ten-point-scale author resides in Kota, a nightmare for forcefully made aspiring Engineers and Doctors, with a well-to-do family and no girlfriends. Well, that's how one gets time to write, right? He loves to spare time with friends obviously and has a soft corner for the opposite sex, though there are no respectable responses. Apart from jotting his thoughts down the paper, Akshat finds leisure in poetry, dance and music.In any way, fortunate or unfortunate, if the Author appears any skillful to you or any of your friends, feel free to write him.

From the pile of screwed engineering aspirants and debutant in the writing sphere, Akshat Shah serves you hot, the bollywoodishly romantic magnification of unrequited love. Garvit, living joyously a life of a well-with-academics teenager, loses contact with his first crush and Aphrodite's blessing from in the family, Akshita. After feeling for her for half a decade, that in her absence, he finally captures a shot to catch her eye in his cousin's wedding. Taking care of each move he makes and assisted well by rollicking cousins, he attempts a step right into the heart.Craziness resides well in hearts of lovers. How he and his mates - Abhinav, Waseem and Harleen, rumble and fumble to get her to him when she almost sacrifices all the feelings for her parents bakes the sweet and sour tale to make you love, laugh and feel the thrill...

1. What inspired you to start writing?
The first question is a deep one already! Yes, it takes inspiration to write good. Or even to write. Mine were the chilly breezes, a pile of half read romances and comics, and the mellifluous melodies. On a comic note, I read some indian bestsellers, and thought, if this can manage to get here, I can get anywhere!!

2. What did you like to read when you were a boy?
Tinkle and textbooks. That's all I read when I was small...

3. What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?
A writers block is all that gives me hitches to write. I prefer going for a walk with earphones on to get over it. Well, that worked for me.

4. How much research do you do before writing the book?
Living the character I am writing about at a particular instant is the major research I would say. That portrays your thoughts exactly down the paper. Other than this, my wiki and google does the job.

5. What motivated you to write the book "I love you and your sister" ? 
Motivation, well. The very idea of living another life within this life was all that made my pencil glide over the pages. Yes, the research, the observation, enhancement of the ability to beautifully portray the feels, everything excited me.

6. Can you tell us more about your latest book ? 
My latest and debut book 'I Love You And Your Sister ' is baked for everyone. From a schooling nerd to a mother of two. Or more. Going specific, anyone who believes in love and friendship and still gets confused to decide between rollicking cousins and ultimate friends, the read is going to be greatly relatable. 

Talking of the theme, it's about a generic engineering guy, who in his school years fell for a gem from in the family. How he got in contact with her? how did he lose the contact? What made them meet again? And how did his friends and cousins help him to land perfectly at her doorstep? The book is an answer to this and much more!!

7. How you take out time from your busy schedule to write this book?
Thats the inward. I had to take time out for the academics when I was working with the book. So, every time's a writing time!!

8. Who are your favourite authors?
I read everything and every writer makes a bad read more than once for sure. So, no favourites, its just the inclination to books that works.

9. What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?
Words of wisdom. Besharmi and honesty. These two things just make me better with every change in the calender. 
For writing aspirants, I'd say, never take time out for research. Each of our thought, imagination, and observation is a research itself. Keep going and write whatever you feel like. Write for the self, and not for the audience.


  1. seems exciting work by young writer... can't wait for the book..

  2. The book surely transported me to another world where i felt all the ups and downs.....needs and deeds..... Pain and gain...while living the whole story myself ....and like as they say...a perfect Bollywood story with a happy ending.....good work....mister writer...

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  4. i like ur story soooooo much......first time i red in newspapaer about it and got mad to read. i red it only 2 days bcz lake of time mr. akshat congrats and thnx for this ROMANTIC BOOK