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BOOK REVIEW: My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

"I need to write. I need to sit my ass on that chair and write. I haven't written in ages. Actually I haven't written for the past two years. Rather the past one year, ten months and seventeen days." - from My Dream Man

In her debut novel in the romance genre, Aditi Bose has portrayed romance in an altogether new light. Her prose is realistic, candid, sympathetic and romantic - all at the same time. She doesn't miss out on the humorous bits either. My Dream Man is a novel about the female protagonist's inner desires and the challenges that the reality offers. 

Ajopa Ganguly is a girl in her twenties who lives with her parents in Delhi. Her life is fine except for one tiny problem. All publishers have rejected the manuscript that she has very painstakingly written. She believes it's more because she is not a known celebrity rather than because the plot is not appealing enough. She is so disturbed by this that she has been baking cupcakes and embroidering handkerchiefs instead these days. This is when Aniket Verma re-enters her life. He is a professor of economics who is well known in his circle. He's twelve years older to Ajopa. They had been good friends till a misunderstanding happened five years back. 

What happens when they meet again is what the story is all about. 

An honestly written book, My Dream Man, is insightful as it examines how forces beyond our control help us make personal decisions. As Ajopa says, it is all about "deep choosing".

BOOK REVIEW:- This book is a light and fresh read.
It grabs my attention from the starting itself.

There are many things which i learned from this book.
The characters are well described.

The story revolves around the protagonist Ajopa Ganguly, she is ambitious 
Her father dont like her writing.
It shows the struggle of author.Her script got rejected by one and all.But this doesnt mean that she stop writing.Money is a trigger for her.If there is no money paid for the work done,then what's the use of it.
Earlier she stopped writing ,instead she used to do painting, making cupcakes.creating embroidered handkerchiefs. Mainly she dont like too much criticizing. Basically her life is still fine, only her career is messed up. 
The ending was as usual 
I loved everything about this book.

The author has good knowledge about writing and how to seek attention of the readers.
I absolutely loved reading this book.I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Quotes From The Book :-
“Togetherness is finite. There is nothing like forever. Time ends. At different times for different people. So we should always be thankful for the time that we spent together.”

“I have always loved him. Every single minute of every single day my heart has belonged to him. I have just run away from the truth. I have covered it in shrouds of friendship and teenage crush.” 

“I don't understand these rules. Writing rules. Eating rules. Studying rules. Loving rules. Everything in life seems to be governed by rules. Is that the only way to keep a person grounded? Does it really instil self-restraint or is it just a fear tactic that's used so that no one can fly to the highest realms of glory?” 

“Some memories just stay. They just refuse to give up on staying. Maybe it is good that they stay. It helps us stay rooted. It helps us to know who we really are.” 

Aditi Bose is the author of 'Hama-Guri goes to School' - an ebook for kids, published by Cresco.

Her second book, 'My Dream Man', published by Authors’ Ink Publications, is due to enter the market by the end of 2015.

She also blogs at and writes for various Indian and international websites. 


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