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BOOK REVIEW: You Promised You Will by Nisha Sharma


About the book: A love story entrenched in love and a promise "We will never get separated" ended with a twist and that song started turning Niharika numb whenever she used to listen to that. She knew that Akshat will never come back but she was standing on the same path not just waiting for him but living those moments of love, joy and ecstasy when suddenly Akshat came to fulfill the promise. But loneliness still persists in Niharikas's life. That's what Akshat has left for her... Akshat loved her and sacrificed his love!! Niharika sacrificed herself and loved him!!

BOOK REVIEW :- The  story is beautifully written. It expresses the true love .I could feel the characters and the pain .
The book contains everything love, romance, drama, heartbreak .The story revolves around Niharika and Akshat.
They both  meet for the first time when their parents talked to each other regarding their marriage. It was a family affair and aſter that day they started talking to each other.

Akshat lived in Delhi with his aunt and worked in a reputed MNC. Akshat wanted to meet  Niharika personally before they could make any decision. He was majestic.Soon they tried to understand each other, interacted ,developed feelings and came close to each other A life filled with joy, happiness, fun and love.  He was the man of values. A person who although was modern but never leſt his family values. For him his family had always been his first priority and that's
what Niharika loved about him.  He had perfect skills of getting along with people easily and making friends He was loyal, he was caring and he loved me unconditionally but our life had a condition.

Then Why Akshat left him? Will she able to live without him? Will they finally depart ? Will they able to meet again ? Or Will she loose him permanently?
Why nobody bothered to know the reason behind her being in a trauma centre?
If she have loved him then her love should be his strength not his weakness. She went under depression but now she was recovering fast .

Sometimes we have to surrender and let it go. The book make me sad , any ways it was emotional and touchy.The ending was as perfect as i could have imagine.

The plot is awesome and rich with twists and turns.
I will definitely be watching this author, I can just feel that she has so much more to offer.

Lessons You Will Learn From This Book :- 

  • Love is still love even when it is lost. 
  • For those who say that separation is easy, they don't really know what it is to love someone. It's a bold statement, but through distance, your heart really does grow fonder, through the thousands of miles of separation, you realize that you are missing something. Life goes on without them by your side.
  • The mornings will greet you and the nights might bid you to sleep. And yet, the sweetness of the morning breeze and the sparkle of the night air is not the same, there will be a feeling that something is missing. 
  • If you have ever been infatuated, you would have realized that infatuation is weakened by time and separation, whereas real love is strengthened by time and separation.

“Staying in love with someone even if you know you can't be together in future is like staying on the ship which you know will sink one day but you do not lose the hope because you are the captain of the ship and it is your responsibility to sail it in storms till you die.”

“It's always said “Love happens only once and rest is life”
And now it's only life.”

I think this is the best book i read . I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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