Monday, 4 January 2016

Your Memories Are Now My Treasure by Neeta Thakur


This is a touching love story born out of the tender moments woven together and lovingly cherished in the hearts of three youngsters.
Ruta is a young sensitive innocent girl with stars in her eyes, passionate about becoming a doctor. All of a sudden, life takes an interesting turn when Vivek enters her life.
Vivek is a fiercely ambitious young man, who hopes to study MBA and join his father’s business in the US. Virendra, his father, has great plans for his son, and hopes to see him accomplish accolades, and help the business that he spent several years working hard to build. Everything seems on track but Virendra requires Vivek to make a choice – a difficult one at that.
In the midst of all this comes Rashmi, a perfect combination of beauty and brains, a mature business savvy young woman brought up in the US but Indian to the core.
Vivek must make a difficult decision that will impact Ruta’s, his and Rashmi’s lives.
Second love cannot be compared to first love but does that mean the second love is a lie?

BOOK REVIEW :- This is a beautiful ,sweet ,innocent, heart warming love story.This book really affected me.The Blurb is nice and clearly tells you about the summary of the book so far. The starting is bit slow , boring after that its interesting to read.

Every person experience first love ,whose memory we carry in our hearts throughout our lives.
Vivek experiences first love , but his love isn't successful. And yet, life has to go on. That doesnot mean that first love is forgotten.

Vivek  never forgets his first love .He loses his love because of certain practical decisions that he is forced to make in life. When a second shot at love comes up in a life, the turmoil he goes through ,his dilemma the restlessness he experiences while trying to be fair to this new love.

As written in the blurb, the second love cannot be compared to the first love but that doesn't mean that second love is a lie.

Lessons Learned Through This Book :- 

  • Where there is no love,there is no attachment. When there is no attachment, trust and respect for each other is lost. 
  • Sometimes we think only for ourselves.This is the true picture of today's world.
  • Parents are engrossed in their own tensions and didnot have time for the children, while the children were attracted towards the modern world and had no time to even look at their parents. 

Overall A must read book for all the romance lovers. I would give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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