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BOOK REVIEW: Love, No Matter What! by Komal Ahuja


Naina and Manish are waiting for their second child as excitedly as Khushi waits for her sibling. Their life takes an unexpected turn when Naina gives birth to an intersex child.

Everyone will ask if it is a boy or a girl. What are we supposed to say?
Manish doesn't know how to handle the situation, and his family worries more for the world than the child who Naina names Devi. Naina fears that the family might not accept Devi, forcing her into leading a frugal life, dancing on the streets for earning a livelihood.

Will Naina be able to fight the world and give her child the life she truly deserves?
Devi also has a Dad she adores. Is Naveen really her dad or is there something more to this beautiful relationship?

Love, No Matter What! is set in Rajasthan, and gives you a peep into the world of the transgenders and the intersex. It makes us wonder: Are they different from us, or are they just as human as we are?

Discover as you read how love prevailed when all else failed.

BOOK REVIEW:- The story is about a strong topic and may sound strange to others.
Naina and Manish are expecting his second child, but the baby is born around 8th month, before the delivery date.

Te doctors confirmed that the child was intersex.
Now when Manish broke the news to his father, he was worried that how they will face the society, what they will say  to everyone if asked whether its a boy or girl?
Naina handed her child to Chandani one of the Hijras to give the child an identity.

I must say the book is written on a strong topic and addresses people to raise awareness in the society. The writing is brilliant and the book is for mature readers who can understand and feel the theme of the story.

* Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and transgender .These are the broader classifications of the queer communities across the world.

I would rate this book full 5 out of 5 stars. A brave attempt by the author.

Komal Ahuja is a teacher in the early hours of the morning, a businesswoman and corporate trainer during the day, and a writer by the night. Somewhere between all this frenzied activity, she is also a home-maker. Her poems and stories are eagerly peeping through the crevices of the closet, waiting to be discovered.
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