Tuesday, 2 February 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Misjudged Nuances By Garima Bohra

Misjudged Nuances

SOUMYA AWASTHI, a medical graduate finds herself in an extremely infuriating position when she is assigned to work with RIDHAAN AHUJA, an arrogant classmate and bitter enemy, who is determined to settle an old score with her. The internship begins on a rough-uptight note where each tries to outshine the other through work, arguments and fights. Until one grave incident which changes the circumstances and makes them forget their grudges. Gradually she starts trusting her foe-turned-friend and soon both develop tender feelings for one another.
But the perfect phase of her life shatters when a well preserved secret is exposed causing a serious problem wherein the price of Soumya’s recklessness is paid by her best friends Tarang and Anjali.
Will Soumya be able to save herself and her friends? Is Anjali right when she blames Ridhaan for the situation and accuses him of framing them?  Can vengeance overpower every emotion? Can your feelings and faith break your own heart and hurt your soul?

BOOK REVIEW :-  I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I read this book in 1 day.The cover is dull but the story is interesting.
The title of the book gives a blur hint about the insights of the book. Then there comes the blurb which will give a concise description about the book. I was in a tizzy when I completed reading the blurb.

Basically ,the story revolves around the protagonist Soumya Awasthi, a medical student.After completing her graduation from ST. GEORGE MEDICAL SCHOOL, meet RIDHAAN AHUJA, when her internship begins, they worked with each other as a team.
Ridhaan is the son of Dr.N.K .Ahuja.
Ridhaan is described as a tall,handsome and well built who enjoyed the phenomenal attention given to him by the rest of the people.
Ridhaan disliked girls, he was crazy sort of guy, who thinks he is the only one and rest are just fools. While working together Soumya felt in love with Ridhaan , it is like a trap , but in real Ridhaan was laying a plan,he used the opportunity to plan something bigger, he tried to win her trust to insult her, hurt her dignity and respect.

After this incident , Soumyawas hurted and broken ,so she went far away & started her own hospital in village to help the needy and sick people.
After 5 years ,she got call from Dr.Kale ,who informed her to return back.
For years she had held Ridhaan responsible for betraying her, for giving her a wound for a life time.But now the whole picture had taken turn  and she realised her perception about Ridhaan was completely wrong.After this, they again meet. A Happy Ending! :)

1) Fresh Intriguing Plot & Story.
2) Great Characterisation.
3) Excellent Narration.

The story is engaging,is very well executed - maintains a steady place, and follows through to an interesting, yet satisfactory conclusion. It will surely keep the readers hooked on to the book.The writing was really superb, it totally gets and holds your attention. 
This book is worth a read, then do grab a copy of this book now. 

For years she had thought about this mysterious man who had come as a blessing to help her and her friends. And now when she did have the opportunity to meet him and thank him...a strange aversion had surrounded her.

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