Sunday, 14 February 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Murder Most Right by Anup Rijhwani

Akash Sharma, an agitated infant, a befuddled teenager, a morally flexible youngster and a tormented adult, finds himself tangled up in his worst fears within the confines of the brutal Yerwada jail. He has chosen to bury the memories of his traumatic past, vowing never to reveal them to anyone. But when Shiva, the prison sweeper, takes an unusual interest in his life, Akash is unable to resist the urge to unburden and retraces a long-forgotten path stretching from his birth to the day he murders a person. Through his tale, Akash takes us on a roller coaster ride where he witnesses a hysterical mob prepare to fight a mysterious three-headed monster; is acclaimed as a black magic guru; strands traumatized on a ledge, on the verge of suicide; finds himself ensnared in the web of call centre culture; roams the slums of Mumbai trying to ease others’ misery; and finally, turns into a hot-blooded killer. Isolated and mentally disturbed, Akash seeks closure in his daily rendezvous with Shiva; unaware of Shiva’s true identity. Who is Shiva in reality and why is he so interested in Akash’s Story. 

BOOK REVIEW:- I bought this book from amazon . 
The story revolves around the protagonist Akash Sharma ,
the miserable life which he has to life now in the jail,which is his new home now.
Now he was given a new identity, he is now Prisoner No. C-11492,
he has to do struggle, live an unbearable life.

He reminded of his past and blame the circumstances for wrong doing, he has to deal with the pain and the embarrassment.How much worse could his life get?
Time has to pay for the sins he did.
The big question.,which you must b thinking is that why did he did the murder?
To read the entire story, grab a copy of this book .

I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Extract From The Book :- 
Have you ever reached a point in your life when the world is so terrifying that you just dont want to open your eyes? When your nightmares are now where as scary as the toxic situations in the waking world?

At such situations we are illogical enough to believe that shutting our eyes to our eyes to our dilemmas will somehow make them go away.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- Anup Rijhwani is a finance professional based in Mumbai. Born in Deolali and brought up in Mumbai, he graduated in Commerce and went on to do his MBA in Finance from VESIMSR, Mumbai (2010). He spends his time reading, immersing himself in football, getting lost in the rhythms of classical rock and cherishing his memories with friends. Manchester United and Pink Floyd are a part of his soul. He believes every moment in a person’s life is a story in itself; the words we use have the magic to transform a moment into a fascinating piece of art.

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