Wednesday, 24 February 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Second Affair by Ketan Bhavsar


This is a story of a young entrepreneur and his struggle with love. After a disastrous first attempt, he decides to never fall in love again, until he meets this charming girl with totally opposite ideologies. She forces her way into his thoughts, changes his beliefs and entices him to fall in love again. ‘Does she reciprocate his feelings? Do they manage to live a happily ever-after? is what the book is about. The writer has successfully tapped the feelings associated with first (and second) love- the nervousness, the ecstasy, the mistakes. This story is bound to strike a chord with the youngsters. It is a genuine read especially for the college-goers and recent graduates as they can completely empathize with the protagonists.

BOOK REVIEW:-  This book made my day.After such long time a good book  in my hand.

The story revolves around the protagonist Kunsh. Kunsh loved Pia unconditionally.But she hurt him & left him.He could feel the intense pain and the sadness.

Sometimes in life the closeness of someone of your loved ones can have the power to make huge problems appear smaller.

First his professional life kicked him in the ass and now it was his personal life that was adding to his woes.
After what happened in Kunsh's first relationship will he stopped believing in true love.

Like the leaves on trees.Every autumn the tree sheds its set of leaves to make way for new ones in the spring.Similarly ,friendship and relationships also met a similar fate.They come to an end.But they make way for someone else while leaving.

Pros:- Its different from other books. I could easily relate to . 

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