Sunday, 7 February 2016

BOOK REVIEW: We Need A Revolution by Sachin Garg

Shubhrodeep Shyamchaudhary is a drifter travelling across India, who has a weakness that whenever he sees some injustice happening with anybody, he cannot resist getting involved.

When he reaches the Andamans, as innocent people face rapes, disease, violence and inhumane treatment, he decides to do something about it.

But how much is he and his bunch of friends willing to endure?

Can regular people, with regular lives, rise against all odds and stand up for their ideals?

Number one bestselling author Sachin Garg brings to you a roller coaster of human relationships, love, letting go and finding the strength to bring about Revolution.

"An exciting and unusual adventure story" 
- Survival International (London)

"A page turner with a soul" - Business World

BOOK REVIEW :- This book is an exciting and unusual adventure story and its also an important and skilful introduction to the very real threats faced by India's tribal peoples.
This book is inspired by the real stories of the Jarawas. 

All the incidents mentioned in the book are real.
" We need a revolution" is a novel which revolves around Jarawa,one of the Andaman tribes 
 Jarawas are not treated well .They were being treated with their own eyes.

Number one bestselling author Sachin Garg is also an entrepreneur and a popular speaker. He likes to travel and write about he sees. He envisions documenting India in as much completeness as one lifetime allows.

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