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Interview With- Kevin Missal Author Of Yama

What will you do if you have 24 hours to save someone?

A violent saint…

A man who claims he is Yama is punishing sinners by killing them according to the twenty eights hells prescribed in Bhagvat Gita. Who is he? What does he want? Is he a vigilante or a psychopath?

A delusional hero…

Iravan Rajpoot, an Ex-Black Cat Commando with a dark past is receiving letters with names and time limits. It’s no sooner that he learns these people will die within that time frame. He needs to do everything, risk everyone to save them.

An ambitious reporter…

Swati Kaushik, a widow and a woman who can do anything for success must team up with Iravan to stop the god of death and justice.

Will Iravan Rajpoot be able to find Yama while balancing out his personal life? Will Yama be able to fulfill in spreading his twisted message to everyone?

With twist and turns in every short chapter, Yama grabs the reader and plunges them in the heart of human consciousness.


1. What inspired you to start writing? 
There was never a big moment in my life where I would go like “Oh! This has inspired me.” I guess my first storytelling phase came when I used to watch movies/television shows and used to get inspired from them. I would make up scenarios with my action figures and enact scenes with dialogues and descriptions. At the age of 12, I stopped playing with action figures and focused more on writing my dialogues or basically whatever the pop culture inspired me to write. 
2. What did you like to read when you were a boy?
Mostly unabridged classics like Treasure Island, Gulliver’s Travels, Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist, and David Copperfield etc. 

3. What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?
For me “writing a book” is easy. I finish the story in a week or two. But to conceptualize that story takes me around years of thinking/hard work for I look for unique, original stories that would thrill me and the readers. 
How much research do you do before writing the book? 
I research a hell lot when I need to be sure about things. I ask people around. I go to places which I need to describe. It’s very helpful. 

4. What motivated you to write the book " Yama " ? 
 Is it this book or the ones before this? Well for this book, I guess it was 2012 rape case. After reading it, I kind of felt we live in a sinful world and how there should be a serial killer who wants a Utopian society.

5. Can you tell us more about your latest book ?  
It’s a battle of wits between a man who claims to be Yama punishing sinners according to the hells prescribed in Bhagvad Gita. And then there’s the hero, an ex Black Cat Commando Iravan Rajpoot who is stopping him. It has short chapters, twist and turns and flawed characters. I can bet if you like thrillers you’ll finish this in two hours or tops  three hours. 

6. How you take out time from your busy schedule to write this book?
I don’t . I can’t write my book during my college. “Yama” was written when my summer vacations were going on. I finished 3 books in two months. One was atrocious but a good start for me to end my dry period of three years. The second one was “Mara” which will publish this Sep or Oct and the third one was “Yama”. 

7. Who are your favourite authors?
James Patterson, Charles Dickens, Mario Puzo, Paulo Coelho, Joe Hill, Murakami.

8. What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?
I write thrillers so for that, here’s a tip: WRITE A CHAPTER NO MORE THAN 800 WORDS AND EVERY CHAPTER SHOULD HAVE A TWIST/CLIFFHANGER. Otherwise, for those who write other genres just don’t listen to writers like me. We are as inexperienced as you. You are your teacher and your mentor. No one can give you tips/wisdom more than your failures, disappointments and success. Cheers. 

About the author:-
Kevin Solomon Missal is a nineteen year old student from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He had written his first book at the age of 14 which was launched by Sheila Dikshit while the second book was published by an indie-British publisher at the age of 16. He is a thriller writer with his two books Mara and Yama set to come up in 2016. His passion is of filmmaking, writing scripts for theatre and reading of horror genre. When he’s not doing any of the above, he’s mostly found procrastinating.

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