Saturday, 6 February 2016

It Was Always You by Divita Aggarwal

The best kind of love is that which you are unaware of...
The curtains rise at a book launch, where Aisha, a debutant author reads out her favourite excerpt from her first novella. The memories trapped in the pages of her book lead her back to her past; she begins narrating her own story —‘a book in a book’.
Aisha, a simple school girl, growing up in Bengaluru, encounters a boy in a blue sweater at the bus stop. The boy in question—Kabir—a politician’s son, has been judged as a mirror-image of his unscrupulous father. It takes Aisha to discover the real Kabir —a ‘good’ boy, far removed from the messy world of his parents.
Kabir and Aisha seem happy, until unexpected circumstances drive a wedge between them and wash away her joy. Will destiny ever bring them together? Will ‘the book in the book’ find a satisfactory conclusion? Find out in this multilayered love story.

Fantastic narrative.This book is sure to bring dusty memories that we have all hidden away...experiences that are too rich to forget and too painful to remember .The easy writing style adds to revisiting those teenage times : summer holiday afternoon."

Debutant author Divita Aggarwal draws inspiration to turn fictional characters into reality .She effectively moulds that into a love story.

This enthralling story touches every young soul that comes across it.Simple et beautiful sentences climb  though the scaffolds of the teenagers personal experiences to write a story that leaves an ever-lasting impact on the readers heart.

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