Sunday, 28 February 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Great Indian Matrimonial Tamasha by Himika Ganguly

"She looked at her watch for the sixth time and prayed silently for the eighth time. Ten minutes to call it an hour.

Her mother wouldn’t go to sleep happily tonight. Her father would once again get sandwiched in a nasty debate between the two most important women in his life. But then again, such is living.


Welcome to the life of Ms Bengal Rani who has set out on one of the most arduous tasks of her life, which is finding a man to marry. Actually happily marry. Now, the most obvious option for her is the booming online shaadi bazaar of our country.

Problem solved? Not really. In fact, it gets more twisted here on.

A day dreamer, Mr Telecom Raja, with a bucket list so bizarre that can be safely named cringe worthy, or a narcissist Aeroplane Mistri who meets every girl with a pre-conceived notion that she is already smitten. These and more are specimens of the prospective bridegrooms who Bengal Rani is encountering. And with raised eyebrows realising a simple fact of life — All men are not from Mars. Some escaped Black Hole and need to be sent back to it. On urgent basis!

Are these the experiences of only one woman? No, for a book like this, a lot of interesting, intelligent and slightly frustrated women need to meet…gossip…and bitch.

Are these experiences 100% ,real? I leave that on you to decide. But then, I rarely lie.

So welcome to my Tamasha — a Pandora ’s Box of extreme encounters!"

The author has narrated and expressed the tale in form of Bengal Rani.
I like the character of Bengal Rani, that is my favourite character.

There are nine stories ,which tells how often guys & girls often go through the grind.
But there is hope ,Morons exist in our society.
Let aunties , uncles, grand moms ,nephews , niece and all those who are troubling you with unwarranted questions be forgotten.
Dating is not easy in India. Many youngsters in the age group of 25-35 go through all this.

The girl narrated how difficult it was meeting men and their parents. One tiny meeting was supposed to decide her fate. Some of these boys end up seeing 3-4 girls.
I wonder if such marriages face more issues in terms of adjustment and sustainability.

I am sure we are living in the world of technology,we can interact with each other through social networking sites .But beware ,there are many fake profiles floating online ,so you need to take caution.

For anyone who is currently insecure, hasn't meet their idle partner or is going through a breakup or is perhaps just lost and unable to find direction ,then this book is for you. Go & pick this book.
It is funny, hilarious and entertaining.A must read....I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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