Friday, 25 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Answer by Sarath Kanuparthi

"I am a vampire. My friend Navvee is a professional boxer.

Navvee and Charitwa loved each other.

But Kupada, who wanted to marry Charitwa, had frequent clashes with Navvee. This eventually led to the death of Navvee's sister.

Also, Navvee came to know that his father, whom he had believed to be dead till that moment, was still alive somewhere.

What did Navvee do to avenge his sister's death and to search for his father?

Who said that his father is alive? Is he really alive? How did Navvee use me in this situation?

Open "The Answer.""

BOOK REVIEW: - I got this book from the author,in exchange for honest review.
The author is inspired from many vampire and war-related stories.
I think author has done a lot of research before presenting this type of story.
The characterization is done well,, there are Vampires, apart from Vampires, two more characters are also there in the story Inners and Zutans.

This is the story when the kingdom was ruled by the king.
King used to rule.

 “Long live the king, long live the king.”

There are many characters in the book - Navvee, Charitwa, Supada,Kupada and others.
Mainly the story revolves around them.
Kupada, by nature, was a very good person.

Once after reaching home, Nav started searching for his sister,
Akali, as he wanted to tell her what had happened at the king’s palace. He thought that she was not at home anddialled her number but she did not respond.He found Akali lying on the floor, partially naked,unable to get up, crying and moaning. Nav rushed towards her and she cried,
She told Nav that  a guy named Kupada came here with someof his friends and asked for you. They came near me and started behaving badly.

And then there is war and then there is fight.
Navvee was fighting with the Inners., Inners have that sense of identifying vampires easily.
Kudan was attacking vampires. Kupada fired on Nav, but he escaped. Next, it was Nav’s turn to hit Kupada.
Navvee  and Kupada had fight with each other.he inserted his sword into Nav’s body, he turned pale blue .
This proved that Navvee was a Zutan.

Fresh Intriguing Plot & Story.I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sarath Kanuparthi was born and brought up in the Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. Right from his childhood, he had a passion for writing stories. He was inspired by great novel series such as The Godfather, The Lord of the Rings and Twilight. During his college days, he used to give seminars and conduct conferences on various topics. He created a few spoofs and troll images on social networking websites. At present, Sarath is working as a software engineer in Chennai. 

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  1. Actually By seeing preface i am too interested to read the book that what happens til last..?
    A Fiction lover loves and must read book(imagination, creativity)These 2 things got in this book..!!
    #Fantasy story
    Finally the author has workout before presenting this type of story..