Sunday, 13 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Curse of Nalanda by Manna Bahadur

Devahuti, a young widow who lived in the times of Nalanda, is burnt to death in a big fire in the university. People said History would never forgive her for the disaster that destroyed Nalanda, blaming her for the fire. She carried the Curse of Nalanda. A TV journalist, Chandni, gets an opportunity to cover a big international summit in London. However, when she lands there, she gets embroiled in a terrible terror plot. The lives of two women are similar, they are betrayed by the people they loved and trusted. But, how are they connected and what is their reality. Will they be able to restore their faith, will they be able to reclaim their lives?

BOOK REVIEW:- I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
A Fast Paced Read, Packed with suspence, history !
Its a gripping page turner with twists and turns.
The book traces the events that take place in the Nalanda.
 It contains facts about history and the curse that it carried.

The story revolves around two women - Devahutti and Chandni .

Devahutti , a child girl , infamous , living on the outskirts of Nalanda University around 1197 AD.
She liked making friends with strangers,especially men. She loved talking to the students,asking them to share their knowledge with her.The villagers considered as evil spirit.

Girls were considered outcasts at places where intelligent discussions ,debates took place.All they had to do was take care of the home,hearth,husband and bear children.

Talking about the present story- Chandni is a TV journalist.
Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM  ,had proposed an idea of reviving the Nalanda University.
She had to file her story .
Could there be a link with Nalanda in the bygone era that cast its shadow once again?
What was lingering in the shadows of those red brick structures?
It was the guilt and the sins of the past lives that followed on her.

Abhinav remains devoid of love and attention.He has soft feelings for Chandni  and loves her.
When her Baba returned he told her the entire story about the The Curse of Nalanda and how it carried in the same way.

Will the curse be removed ? Is there any connection between Devahutti and Chandni?
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Quote from the book:- 

Every life is journey ,and you cannot reach the end until you have touched and experienced all the stations on the way.

The story is fascinating because it is based on Nalanda University of yester years,when its glory was its peak. 
The author has written this so well, very descriptive, intelligent, full of incredible imagination. All that combined really draws you right into the story, and holds you there until the very end. 

I recommend this book to everyone.
Overall its a nice read :- 5/5 stars. ✔


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