Friday, 4 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: An Eye for an Eye by Ashutosh Garg

A compelling saga of friendship, revenge, avarice, politics and religion, the book traces the trials and tribulations of the progeny of two close friends-Chand Ram and Shujaat Khan. One is the scion of a wealthy and influential nawabi family; the other is the son of an impoverished farmer, whose wizardry with the hockey stick takes him away from his humble background and on to the road to fame and fortune. But the strong ties between the fathers have no meaning for their sons. Chand's son, Ram, runs away from his remote Himalayan village when he's just 11 years and comes to Delhi to seek his fame, fortune and destiny. At about the same time, Shujaat's son leaves their palace in Faridgarh after a major earthquake and relocates to Delhi. Extending across a period of more than seventy years and traversing through some of the most significant and turbulent events of India's historical past including the impact the independence movement and the emergency have on the life of the protagonists, this is a story of relationships - between fathers and sons, husbands and wives - that are torn apart by pride and long-standing resentments and supposed injustices. Above all, it is a story of friendships and bonds that stand the test of time and circumstance, crossing all social, cultural and religious barriers to prove that there's more to life than hate and enmity, power and money, business and politics, fear and violence.

BOOK REVIEW:- Once again Ashutosh Garg has written a wonderful book, his way of writing is far ahead of other indian authors.He knows how to write a book & catch the attention of readers.

Talking about the book, the story revolves around two Chand and Shujat .It shows the journey of their lives,their struggle.
Chand was 6 feet tall and handsome,a well toned athletic body.
Chand Ram was 21 years old. His father was a poor farmer tilling his small land,rowing crops.Chand had grown up in a small Himalayan village and had enrolled in the army.

Shujaat, on the other hand was four year older & born into wealth.He belong to a Nawaabi Family living in Faridgarh .

Chand and Shujat were best friends, They won the Olympic gold medal.
but Chand was very conscious of the huge difference in their backgrounds. He believed that it must be his karma, that he must have done something wrong in his life.

Shujaat's parents forced him to marry, they found a suitable match for him. Shujaat knew that his hockey playing days were over.

Now Chand and Shujat would never play hockey together again. Shujaat would get sucked into affairs of his state and never return to the game.
They would however remain  close friends and stay in regular touch with one another as long they lived.At that time, neither could have realized how their economic,social and religious backgrounds would come in the way of their friendship and that of their future generations.

I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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