Wednesday, 23 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: I Keep Falling in Love with Her Again and Again by Mayuri Debnath


"This is a heartfelt story of the journey of two people, who find love on their way to stardom and beyond. Any heart that has known love, felt love and is in love will find themselves reliving the best moments of their life while taking a stroll with the story.

Love, friendship, hitches, magical moments, heartaches and marriages, I Keep Falling in Love with Her Again and Again is much more than that."

BOOK REVIEW:-  This is a sweet love story of two people - Rivaz and Janvee, Their journey of life and love is shown  , the highs and lows which they faced ,the roller -coaster ride . 

Janvee came in his life when he was in 10th class .
He just fell in love with her on the first look and never had desire to stare at any other girl.
She filled the gaps  - she was everything in his life.
He married her .
The ending is emotional and tears came in my eyes .

There are funny elements in the story. It brought a smile on my face.
Also there are emotions ,feelings .It is a perfect combination.

I just couldn't let it down .The story was engaging .It really touched my heart from the bottom of the core.I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A Must Read . 

Mayuri Debnath hails from a beautiful idyllic town Agartala, capital of Tripura. She has pursued an engineering degree. She is currently living in Vadodara with her husband and two little boys. After working as a senior PHP programmer for couple of years, she left the job to follow the career that drives her from inside.
She is a genuine person and wanted to connect her inner life with others and hence was motivated to write books. She likes to write stories that intrigue her and makes her laugh when the character laughs and cry when the character cries – that is how a story comes to life for her.
She wants the readers to like the book in the same way as they would like their favorite songs. Her style of writing gives the readers a chance to enjoy the different flavors of emotion while reading the book.

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