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BOOK REVIEW: Mr. Nobody still remembers Her by Anand Goel

"At least once in life, everyone should truly fall in “love”, because it traverses you through different feelings of life, both positive and negative, that is, intimacy, love, excitement, friendship, sharing, jealousy, pain, revenge, realization, etc. Anand, the protagonist was never aware about this. After joining college, all he thought about was having a girlfriend. He was so desperate that he started seeking girls until he got infatuated with “The girl with long hair.” Her beauty halted his search. Life proceeded and he never realized when he started loving her.

How did they fall in love?
Why did they breakup?
Was his understanding about life and relationships not mature enough?
Was he innocent? Or was he on the wrong side, always?
Did he ever love her, in real? If yes, does he still love her? Read the book to understand his feelings."

BOOK REVIEW:- This was a completely random book choice for me.
The book is very well written.
The title is somewhat different from other books .I am totally fell in love with the writing style of the author.
This is a love story with elements of romance,sadness,breakup ,heartache .So you can feel all the emotions and feelings while reading.

The story revolves around the protagonist Anand . 
The story starts as usual, college life, which is the best stage of life.
The ecstasy of being at a new place seems to be exciting.

Nice expressions,new gestures, new words ,new people ,great infrastructure , amazing canteen, 
all seems to be happy and refreshing.
After school you get freedom , making friends ,girlfriends .
Same happened in Anand's life, he is going to become an 'Engineer' hoping for a bright future, high salary, working in MNC.
After joining college, he made gf,  falls in love with a girl.
But she ditched him and hurts him. It felt like that he made mistake in this relationship,
whatever be the reason be , it is felt on both the sides.
Rather than understanding her problem he started blaming her. 
To read the entire story , Go & Buy a copy of the book . 

The author has tried to grab the attention of readers. The story has so much emotions that it can bring tears into the eyes of the readers as well as some really hilarious moments which will bring a smile in the face of the reader.
I wish to read more from the author in future.You definitely don't want to miss this one. 

I would rate this book full  5 out of 5 stars.


START: March, 2012–Present “Whatever you have done to me, I can forgive you but I can’t forgive myself” she said while getting up from that irritating white bed placed in a room having walls painted blue: light blue, look which distinguishes it from all other places, hospital. Even by my closed eyes I was able to feel that it was hospital. Smell was so strong that it chocked my mind. “It is hospital, it is hospital.” She was there from past one week and I got to know only a day before.

It was room number 501- fifth floor, single bed occupancy AC room which was more luxurious than my bed room. It had a square shaped brown table just to the right of bed. It was leveled in accordance with mattress with a stand placed on it. Stand held a glucose bottle from which a pipe was going into her wrist using a needle connector. A bigger table was placed at the center of the space to the left of the bed and it contained a basket full of fruits and a water bottle. Other side of the bigger table had a sofa on which I was sitting. Just left to sofa was the entrance door. “Wait!! What do you want? I will get it for you” I whispered feeling miserable for what time made her into. “No thanks, I have learned to do things for myself, I am well enough to help me” she disconnected the needle before she wore her pink slippers kept just under her foot as she got up from the bed. She then walked towards the table full of fruits. She picked an Orange from the basket and then grabbed her place again. I was looking towards her. It was silence. The moment was difficult for me. I was feeling bad. It was so because it happened all because of me. Or maybe I was taking it that way. But according to her I always thought about me. Was it true? I cannot be sure. I was confused. That day I had so much to say but how? “Wait” I jumped and collected the water bottle kept on the table. I was proactive. I judged her gesture. She was about to get up to have water bottle. “Have rest, I-” I was speaking when she interrupted and said “Please do not soothe me, I am happy, do not think it is done by you, it is part of life. I have learned to live.” She smiled looking into my eyes after saying this. Speechless, she interpreted exactly what I was thinking a minute before. But amazing part was that it was so easy for her to say “She learned to live.” It seemed that she intentionally taunted me. I gave her the bottle and then I went back placing my ass back on sofa. Whatever, she was not well. Moreover her happiness was important now. I never wanted to hurt her again. I already did that. Now her wish was command for me. Our presence in the room made us talk after some time. She neglected me but till how long. She was also human. It took a while but she started speaking. She started telling me about the time she had after we broke up. I was listening to her carefully. Her voice was low so I concentrated. I managed my ears to hear every sound: even sound with lower vibration was hitting my drum, ear drum. This was the reason that I got cautious when her brother entered. He opened the door quietly but my concentration was high. I interpreted that someone entered. “How are you cutie?” her bother asked her.

“Beeta lamha tab yaad aata hai ...
Jab koi apna humko bhula jata hai ...
Kya fayada us bewafaa ko yaad krke ...
Jo sapne mai bhi humko rula jata hai ..”

Anand Goel is a native of Delhi, and he strongly believes in self-realization. He started writing when he was a child, but he realized that he should make it his career after 2014. Since then he has busied himself introspecting so that, he can find something valuable to contribute to humanity.
Mr Nobody Still Remembers Her is his debut novel. Anand also writes poems and shayaris, which are available on his site Currently, he is working on another book IAM, which stands for “It’s About Me.” He also works in an IT company for his livelihood.
You can connect to him either through Facebook, or via email

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  1. wonderful book.. very well written.. takes us through the experience we all go through in our college time and how do we cope up with the situations and how and where do we finally land up....
    good work Anand Goel