Thursday, 24 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW:- Much Below Average by Sreenivasan

"When a much below average lad like Subbu wins a mega jackpot lottery, can glitz, glamour and girlfriends be far behind? Who will his lady love be? Tina, his batch mate with a fondness for fancy cars; Dhanashree, the pretty dance instructor from the finishing school; Maya, the voluptuous disciple of a fake Swamiji; Jennifer, the beauty queen or perhaps Shraddha, the naughty airhostess on board the Chennai flight?

Will his newly found status help Subbu deliver motivational speeches at schools? From cricket betting to wardrobe malfunctions, from bar-girls to bumbling secretaries, Much Below Average has it all. Read on to know how Subbu copes with the sudden fast-forward in his life."

BOOK REVIEW:- This book was such a light, fun read.
The cover of the book is so sweet,cute with hearts on it.
There are many hilarious moments in it.

The story revolves around Subbu.
He  is short around 5.4' thin ,dark skinned ,
sometimes his poor personality made him embarrassed.
Nowadays MBA  simply means a passport to a good job.
It is the shortcut to success.

You will die laughing out after reading this book .Very well written with excellent character development.The story is engaging.The writing was really superb, it totally gets and holds your attention.I really was sucked right into the story.This book just blows your mind.
I would give it a THUMBS UP
I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Dr. Sreenivasan S holds a Doctorate from the University of Mumbai. After a successful stint of eight years in the corporate sector, he retired as the General Manager of a leading advertising agency at the age of twenty-nine. He has also been a visiting faculty at several renowned Management Institutes in Mumbai for over twenty years. He now devotes his time to writing novels and offering advice in Numerology. His hobbies apart from reading and writing include music, films, traveling, food, gardening and pets. He is also an ardent fan of P G Wodehouse, whom he considers to be the best comic writer of all time. - 

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